Questions and answers to the work of Homer

Who is Homer?

Most researchers of ancient literature agree that Homer lived in the 8th century BC. He was born and worked in Ionia – on the West coast of Asia Minor and the nearby islands. It is possible that his homeland was Smyrna, the ancient Greek name of the city of Izmir, a major port in Turkey, that for a long time he stayed on Chios, an island in the Aegean Sea, near the peninsula of Asia Minor, and died on the island of Ios. It is possible that Homer is a nickname, and the real name of the poet is Melesigen. It was said that his blindness is a legend, and it is explained by the fact that the craft of a singer was usually chosen by cripples who are not capable of physical labor.

What works of Homer do you know? Who is Odysseus and why did he travel so much? How did Odysseus and his comrades leave the creepy cave of Cyclops Polyphemus? How did Odysseus safely sail past the island of sirens? What tests did Odysseus and his companions on the island of Aya have undergone?

On the island reigned sorceress Kirk. She turned Odysseus’ people into pigs. Odyssey himself from the charm of Kirki saved Hermes, giving him a miracle root, protecting from the action of magic. Hermes forced Kirk to return the human face to his comrades Odysseus.

What kind of competition did Penelope arrange for her suitors and who won it? What qualities attract you in Odyssey and Penelope?

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Questions and answers to the work of Homer