My class

Each school class has its own characteristics and is not similar to other groups of children. Classmates spend most of the time together, communicate with each other, share news, consult and joke. In my opinion, humor is one of the most important links. General jokes and funny memories allow to establish warm and friendly relations, and at the same time and support them in the future. My class has a reputation for being jokers, even our teachers are not shy about making jokes.

My class is really friendly. Of course, we have had conflicts, we can not do without it, but we try to cut them in the bud. The company at us has gathered various and talented: mathematicians, musicians, artists – we try to find to ourselves business to taste and we achieve in this quite good successes. I and my classmates come with all responsibility to study, teachers scold us only occasionally. Although a couple of lazy people in our company still got into trouble, but this is what they call creative

people – they write poetry in the classroom or draw something, not particularly involved in the learning process.

Our class teacher – Olga Ivanovna – a teacher with a huge experience. We are far from the first class that she leads, so she from the first year of joint work clearly gave us to understand what to do can and can not. We really love and respect Olga Ivanovna, because, despite the difference in age, she treats us like an equal. Therefore, parents very rarely attend our school on urgent calls, all problems associated with poor progress and bad behavior, Olga Ivanovna decides personal educational conversation.

To maintain a friendly atmosphere in the team, our class teacher from time to time arranges small themed events. On them all our class gathers together, plays skits, shows numbers, and then we sit down at the table, drink tea with sweets and share our impressions. Sometimes, with the support of our parents, Olga Ivanovna arranges excursions to various interesting places for us, for example, the city museum, the local factory and so on.

My communication with classmates

is not limited to the school desk. We walk together, go to the cinema or to visit each other, visit sections and circles. I am very glad that in any difficult situation I can count on the help of my comrades, and I myself will be happy to help them. Children who do not keep up with school materials are always helped by the company of our excellent students. What can we say about such things as a pen or cheating. In many respects, it is thanks to such coherence of the work of our team that we achieve success in our studies: we win at the olympiads, we occupy places in the school rating list.

Whatever “patriots” of our class we are, we have always been on good terms with other groups on our parallels. Mutual respect and the desire to be the first and the best create an exciting competitive atmosphere at all sports events and olympiads.

Honestly, it’s very difficult for me to imagine my future life without my own class. All the boys and girls became my second family and in their circle I feel really cozy. I’m not alone in my opinion, right now we are discussing options for joint education in the same universities. I hope that even after graduation we will continue to communicate and help each other.

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My class