Biography of Correggio

Correggio is an Italian artist, whose real name was Antonio Allegri. He was nicknamed Correggio because of his place of birth.

Fundamental art education in the biography of Correggio was obtained from Uncle Lorenzo Allegri. The early work of Correggio shows the strong influence of the divergent styles of Mantegna, Leonardo da Vinci.

The first important authority of the artist was the design of the monastery of San Paolo in Parma. Imagining an impressive array of gods in tympanums, Correggio added a group of capricious boys. Correggio painted many mythological scenes. For example, “Io”, “Danae”, “Antiope”. In 1520 he began to work on the fresco in the building of St. John the Evangelist in Parma.

Several years later, Correggio completed his most famous project “Assumption of the Virgin” in the cathedral of Parma. He introduced the maiden, surrounded by carefully detailed apostles, patriarchs, saints emerging from the clouds. Correggio used bold angles for his figures.

His illusory decoration of ceilings, sensual, mythological paintings had an extremely great influence on baroque artists. Filled with a sense of grace, tenderness, work is characterized by a soft play of colors, light. Other famous works in the biography of Correggio are: “Madonna of St. Jerome”, “Adoration of the Child”, “Madonna and Saints”.

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Biography of Correggio