“Pocket money” composition

Money from time immemorial has a special value in society. In the world everything is decided by money in their quantity. Pocket money for teenagers is very important, because thanks to them, adolescents realize their needs in a variety of ways. For me, for example, there are some conditions before I get my share of finance for a week. These include cleaning the house, helping the father in his work and so on. But I do not think this is something bad, on the contrary, so parents are taught that money is obtained through their own efforts.

Teenagers, who are given money for nothing, will not be easy in adulthood. However, if it concerns the children of rich cones, then they will have no problems with it, as it seems to me. Separately it is necessary to talk about where the pocket money will be spent. If for small expenses and other costs – well, but for various things like alcohol and cigarettes – it’s bad. Parents should consider the behavior of their children when they give personal money.

I have a habit of saving money for anything. If I need to update something in my computer or buy some part of the wardrobe, I will begin to accumulate my pocket money in advance and eventually get my finances honestly earned. The pleasure from such acquisitions is much higher than if I were to buy something from my parents. Another pleasant moment is the opportunity to arrange surprises for your parents.

One day, a month before my mother’s birthday, I decided to organize for her a small gift. In advance having saved the necessary sum, I bought a rather expensive bouquet of flowers and gave them to my mother. She was very happy and especially proud of me when she found out that I had bought a bouquet with my own money. That’s how pocket money helped me a lot that day. How to use pocket money is your own business.

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“Pocket money” composition