Moscow subway

The Moscow Metro recently celebrated its 60th anniversary: ​​on May 15, 1935, a regular traffic was opened on the first metro line in Moscow. And now, by the end of the twentieth century, it is difficult for us to imagine how the capital could live without a subway. The Moscow metro is the pride and beauty of the capital.

In the thirties the Moscow metro was built by the whole country: escalators and electric motors, rails and construction timber, cement, granite and marble came to construction from Leningrad and Siberia, from the Volga and the North Caucasus, from the Urals and the Far East.

In the capital of Russia, the metro is considered to be the fastest and most comfortable type of public transport. Every day millions of people use it. At the same time, it should be noted that the Moscow Metro is one of the most beautiful in the world. Muscovites and guests of the capital meet here with outstanding works of architecture, get into the most interesting museum of

beauty. Marble, granite, non-ferrous metals, panels, mosaics, metal and stone carvings, sculpture, whole architectural ensembles – all this gives the metropolitan subway unique beautiful features.

High, light-filled apron halls destroy the usual idea of ​​a “dungeon”. The famous Russian writer AI Kuprin wrote: “The impression is that you are in a crystal palace, illuminated by the sun, and not deep under the earth.”

Each metro station has its own special architectural appearance, closely connected with the history and culture of this district of the city. A special magnificence distinguishes the station, built forty years ago.

In the subway they like to travel not only Muscovites. This is the most convenient mode of transport for those who are for the first time in the capital: in the metro you will not get lost, as there are signs in the halls and vestibules with information on how to get to this or that station, where to make a transfer, how to get off the metro to the right one object, what types of land transport stop at the exit from the metro; in each car of an electric train the schemes of metro lines hang. While the train is moving, the announcer announces a stop, a transfer to another line, the name of the next station. So, if you purchased a scheme of metro lines and know the Russian language, you easily navigate in the Moscow metro.

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Moscow subway