Monument to the Russian Soldier

Berlin. Treptow Park. Monument to the Russian Soldier

To some friends, I already said that there is no “Victory Day” holiday in Germany. From history you know that on May 8, a capitulation was signed

And this is not good for any loser country. And yet, Germany has apologized to all countries for this terrible war.
And, specifically, in our city yesterday the Left party held a small action in the cemetery where Russian soldiers were buried and wreaths were placed on the monument to the Soviet soldier. Sorry, I worked and did not attend this event, although last year I was there.

In winter, during the tour of the Russian ballet, we were in the capital of Germany Berlin and visited Treptow Park. I am sure that today a lot of flowers have been brought to the monument to the Soviet soldier.

And here are my photos from Berlin

On the main alle of the memorial park there is a sculpture of the mother’s woman.

Treptow Park is one of the parks of eastern Berlin. In the central part of the park there is a monument to the Soldier-Liberator (authored by sculptor EV Vuchecic), which was installed in 1949. The park is the burial place for more than 5,000 Soviet soldiers who died during the liberation of Berlin.

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Monument to the Russian Soldier