Summary “Cricket” Bunin

Summary “Cricket” Bunin

In Bunin’s story “Cricket”, the author reveals the beauty of the human soul, inherent in even the most inconspicuous man, such as the protagonist, Ilya Kapitonov, nicknamed Cricket.

Cricket is a saddler in the master’s house, in the story he is compared with another saddler, Vasily, and in everything seems worse than a comrade. He is plain, bald and short, does not work as smoothly as Basil. In describing the protagonist Bunin often uses seemingly incompatible epithets, comparing Cricket at the same time as the old man and the child. By this the author tries to show not only the helplessness of the protagonist, but his openness to the world, and also expresses his sympathy.

Ordinary descriptions of the work room of the saddlers and their appearance combined

with the earthiness of the protagonist contrast with the beauty of his soul, which manifested itself in the personal tragedy of Cricket.

Vasily and the master are good-natured jokes about the saddler, and the lady does not even know his name, but after they learn his life story, they stop laughing at him and are treated with some respect.

Wandering in the fog on the way to the house, the son of the Cricket loses his last strength and hope, stops and freezes in the snow. Cricket tries to help him with all his strength – he does not regret giving his last cloak to the son, but only this he still can not be saved. When the son can no longer walk, Cricket bears him halfway until he falls off his feet from fatigue. This manifests his inner protest before the misfortune, he remains with his son to the end, reaches his body to the railroad tracks, where they find the conductor.

Selflessness Cricket finds a resonance in the hearts of listeners, and most of all they are surprised that such an ordinary and unsightly person as Cricket is capable of this Act. The Cricket treats the incident simply and everyday, considering that he did as he should, which emphasizes his inner nobility. Even after the tragedy, he does not cease to be responsive and open to the world, his heart is not hardened.

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Summary “Cricket” Bunin