Proverbs about friendship “Firefly”

The sun was setting. Green waves ran along the clearing, disappearing on the horizon. There was a smell of cool evening air. The birds fell silent, giving way to our hero. He scrambled to the remains of a rotten hemp to be taller, and sang. It was a firefly – a small insect. His singing can not be compared with the nightingale’s trill. He simply sang, sang from the love that filled his little creature, from the love of life. And although his vocal data was not so hot, he thought he sings beautifully, because he always had so many listeners, they admired him, everyone wanted to be his friend. But the stupid firefly did not understand that this was not because he sang sincere songs about beauty and was a guy “that’s right”, but only because he had a very unusual property: unlike all the other fireflies, his shell was not just burned green light, and shone with all the colors of the rainbow, like a well-cut diamond. And diamonds in the price, that’s why

he became such a popular firefly.

People also have one interesting feature: if one person said that he is familiar with a wonderful firefly that shines like a diamond, then the other will decide at any price to become his friend (because he is no worse), behind him is the third, the fourth, etc. And why – no one knows, it’s just prestigious.

And the firefly serenely sang his unpretentious song. He did not know the words of this song by heart and would not repeat it twice. He just sang about what he saw, and he saw a beautiful picture of the sunset, a beautiful sky, a green sea of ​​grass, tears of dew and love. He saw love in everything. Having finished the song, the firefly noticed that he had a listener: a fair-haired boy sat next to him in the grass, his head turned to the setting sun. God of Friendship, the Firefly was glad that he had spectators (he was already accustomed to attention), and tried to put all the beauty that he could, into the overflow of his shell. But, to his surprise, the boy did not look in his direction. The firefly was even slightly offended. But I decided to find

out whether the boy liked his shine (although he did not doubt it):

– Well, how? he asked busily, playing with the rays of the passing sun.

“Beautiful…” the boy said with some amazement in his voice.

“What a beautiful sun, like a mature cherry,” the firefly falsified, making up more and more comparisons. And the boy continued to sit motionless, looking toward the remnants of the departing sun.

The firefly sang to the boy until morning, and at dawn ran away to his friends, who vied with each other to invite him to show off a famous guest – a diamond firefly. The firefly disappeared amid flattery and admiration, and only occasionally resorted to a clearing, where at any time a boy waited for him. The firefly sang to him, told him about his adventures, and then disappeared. They had known each other for a year. Time passed, mercilessly devouring minutes, hours, days, years. And the firefly has aged. And, oh, trouble, it faded and ceased to look like a diamond. And one day, when he sang his praises to beauty in front of a crowd of onlookers, someone whispered: “What are you staring at, blind people or what?” It’s as dim as a piece of glass. “

One said… There were no more friends, they were not invited to visit, they were not admired, and someone else said that he did not have a hearing. In desperation the firefly wandered, where his eyes looked. And he took it, to his surprise, all on the same clearing where his boy was waiting for him. The firefly went up to him and sighed. But the boy heard and, without turning his head, asked:

– What happened? I missed you so much.

“Can not you see?”

“No,” answered the boy honestly.

“Well, all right,” said the firefly.

“Tell me what you see,” the boy asked.

– What? the firefly was surprised.

“Well, sing your song.” I so like to listen to how beautiful you describe nature, the sky, the sun, the grass… Now, at least once take a look at it.

And only then did the firefly realize that the boy was blind and he did not care whether he glitters or not. What matters to him is what he says, what he comes. He needs him even without shine. He needs him!

“Let me tell you about friendship today.”

– And what is it? You did not sing to me about this before.

“Before, I just did not know what it was, and now I know.”

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Proverbs about friendship “Firefly”