“Man is created for happiness, like a bird for flight” composition

There is such a state of the human soul when you want to live and live, fly to the sky, laugh and sing, give your joy to all who are around. This feeling is called happiness. But, probably, no one can give an exact definition of this concept, as no one has yet determined exactly what love is.

People tend to be happy and from time immemorial they try to understand how to achieve this. The fact is that happiness for everyone is different, depending on the person’s personality, on his spiritual essence, world outlook, etc. And this, in turn, depends on education, environment, living conditions and many other factors. “You can not teach a person how to be happy,” wrote A. S. Makarenko, “but you can bring him up so that he can be happy.”

G. Skovoroda would probably not agree with him, he tried to teach people exactly to be happy, but not such already opposite thoughts: a wandering philosopher envisaged the achievement of happiness a moment of self-knowledge

and even self-education. In the subsoil of happiness, in his opinion, lie sincerity, cordiality, simplicity, modesty, but not humiliation, and – very important – the ability to understand one’s own desires and take a place in life that corresponds to inner abilities. But the latter was difficult to teach, although the idea is simple. Not everyone is able to look into his own soul.

“We are looking for happiness in the countries, centuries,” he wrote, “and it is everywhere and always with us: like a fish in the water, so are we in it, and it is looking for ourselves among us.” There is no it anywhere because it is everywhere. It is akin to sunshine – the deviation is only the entrance to its soul. ” So, each of us has his own way to happiness and his own understanding. For some, this is material well-being. For others, personal happiness is inextricably linked with the happiness of the whole Motherland. Someone makes power happy, the flattery of subordinates, money. And someone loves the walls of a quiet laboratory where you can create, rather than spend

time on administration. For Volodya Lebedy (“Cathedral” O. Gonchar “) happiness – please the authorities, and for Nikolai Baglaya, the holy duty is to preserve for the descendants a cathedral of incredible beauty.

People also saw happiness in the struggle for ideals. “Only to fight means to live!” – this was the life credo of Mason. Many find happiness in their work. There is even a half-joking proverb about the following content: if a person wants to be happy for a month, he needs to fall in love, if for a year – to marry, and if for life – to find a job for the soul. A happy artist who looks at the newly created canvas. A happy seamstress who admires the purity of the line of the dress she sews. Happy girl, first-grader, who first performed the task on “excellent.”

And what incomparable happiness can be love! Even sometimes not divided (as in Franco or Lesya Ukrainka), she is able to inspire feats and creativity. Here it is not a physiological need – it is about spiritual love, high and clean, for which you do not need to blush. How many people – so many ways to happiness…

And what happiness do I dream today? Go to college, learn, and then do something that I like, and also have true love. Of course, well-being in the house would not be superfluous, but this is not the main thing. I want to have more faithful friends. I want to be respected. That there was less grief on earth. So that the sun shone and the gardens grew green.

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“Man is created for happiness, like a bird for flight” composition