Man does not live by bread alone

Mankind wants songs.

L. Martynov

To raise the question of what is more important for man: the material principle or the spiritual, life or life of the soul is incorrect. The spiritual life of a nation always depends on the economy. We Ukrainians are no exception. The spiritual revival of the Ukrainian people is closely connected with the economic and social situation in our country. When there is an impoverishment of a large part of the population, it seems, it is not worth thinking about high matters, about spiritual life. But I do not agree with this position.

First, all feed, provide, make rich, and then deal with issues of culture, problems of spirituality – this is the wrong path. Even in ancient Rome, that is, before our era, people demanded “bread and circuses!” Material and spiritual in those distant times at the level of folk intuition existed in parallel. During the enrichment period, you can lose even more than you have lost. It may happen

that it will be too late. In the society of consumption, the attitude to spiritual and cultural values ​​is also consumer. So you need to start now. And not with solving global problems, but with yourself.

Analyze that you read and read anything at all, except for the tabloid press. What do you look at the “box” and why exactly? Do you know the literary heritage of your people? When was the last time you were at the theater? Have you ever heard one real Ukrainian song, and not just a song in Ukrainian that “my mother bought a conic, and a conic without a leg”? If you do not turn off the TV when there is a chapel “Dumka” or a choir named after G. Rope, and at least once you listen to what and how they sing, you will no longer listen to the “beznikogo konika”. Because you will understand where the present is, and where the garbage is.

Each of us is responsible for our spiritual and cultural growth. No one will do this for you. Once, overcoming, perhaps, myself, but read up to the end of “Catherine” T. Shevchenko, “The Bronze Horseman”

A. Pushkin, “The Poem Without a Hero” by A. Akhmatova. You yourself will not notice how you want to read again and again these divine lines. And then you will be drawn to other works of these poets, and then…

Do not click, switching channels of the TV in search of the next insurgent or a horror: you do not learn anything new, already seen enough of them. They will not touch any strings in your soul. From these militants it only grows stale. But Chekhov’s good play, which is consonant with the present, because it is staged by a talented director, will not leave you indifferent, enrich you spiritually.

In my opinion, if each of us starts working on ourselves from the cultural, historical and spiritual heritage of our people, the problem of spiritual lack of youth will disappear, the problem of searching for a national idea will disappear.

The spiritual life of every person and the whole people is closely connected with the revival of the Orthodox faith in our souls. Religion, like nothing else, is able to rally the nation. High examples of religious art: spiritual music, church painting and architecture – will instill and educate the taste for real art, and not for that kitsch that fills all the variety platforms and television screens.

I am sure that in 20-30 years the question of the lack of spirituality of our people will not be on the agenda. A generation will grow up that will be able to distinguish high art samples from a surrogate. A generation that will revive the spiritual life in Ukraine.

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Man does not live by bread alone