Mama. Who is it? Why does this word cause such emotions? Why does this person get warm at the sight of this person?

I thought about it for a long time, and understood something. In general, Mom is just a word. And the one who knows us all the warmth of his person fills him. The man who gave us life. After all, in the very first moments of our life we ​​see it is our Mother.

But is it possible to call Mom the person who just gave us life? Probably not. Why do children often call grandmother mom? Because upbringing is no less important. Then I can say that Mama for me is not just a woman who gave birth to me. This is the closest person in my life who not only gave me life, a person who teaches me every day, brings up, gives important advice. Why do I write the words “Mom” and “Man” with a capital letter? Because the true Mom is not just some man, it’s the Person who gives all himself, his whole life to us. I probably never will be able to

fully understand and appreciate what she gives me. Because I’m a boy and I never have to experience the happiness of motherhood. But one thing I understood very well. Mom is not just some kind of temporary occupation. You can become a mother,

In order to fully appreciate Mamina’s concern, it’s enough just to remember one day of my life. The day I came home from a walk in the winter. It was enough for me to sneeze once, for Mama to show all her care. She immediately began to fuss, worry, give me some pills. I think everyone has had such a situation once in a lifetime. Is not this really a concern? It seems to me that no person, except Mama, will never take so much care of me.

And yet, more than once in my life I’ve heard such an expression: “There are no stranger children.” To be honest, this phrase does not fit into my head. I just imagine that for every Mom, it does not feel sorry for the heat for another child. For someone else’s child. It is at such moments that you realize how Mama is a warm person. There is so much warmth and care in it that it will suffice for

the whole world.

After all, Mom is ready to help literally everyone. She always comes to the rescue, she will never leave in a difficult situation. Only she gives her love absolutely unselfishly, without demanding anything in return.

If the child has grown, then Mom still does not cease to worry for him, to patronize him. For our Moms, we always remain children. And in one year, and at twenty, and forty.

Every day I watch my Mom and see how much it does for me. What kind of care she gives, what help does she give. Sometimes it seems to me that Mom can do anything. If necessary, she can do repairs, and change the light bulb, and this is all in addition to their duties. She also prepares, erases, cleans. And more importantly, you can come to Mama with any problem. Mom will solve everything and always help.

Mom is the most important person in my life. And do you know what I understood? I realized that only Mama will love me in any situation. Whom I would not, whatever I did, only she will always support me and love me. Unfortunately, I very rarely think about what my mother means to me. But I understand that Mama is everything to me. A more loving and caring person in the world simply can not be found.

Mom is life, upbringing, care, warmth, love, help, strength, beauty. And that’s not all the words that Mama can describe.

Mom – four letters, but how much warmth in them, love and care. We must and must love our Moms.

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