“Lessons of Life” composition

Conscience and remorse… You can think and think about these concepts for a long time. What is conscience? It is the soul of a person who guides the whole of his being. How to act in this or that life situation, our conscience “prompts” us, and this means our heart, our soul. Having done the act, we evaluate it, we see the result, and then in our heart there are feelings that sometimes we can not overcome. It’s probably a sick soul. Such diseases can accrue if you do not stop in time, do not look around yourself. If a person acts time and time against conscience, then he becomes soulless, callous. The most terrible thing is to lose yourself! A person’s faults and sins are indicated by his own conscience.

When a person betrays those who help him, who loves him, the soul can not rejoice. And the human mind sometimes can not justify such an act. A conscience awakens and starts to burn the soul. Conscience has an important feature: if you forget about

the wounds inflicted by it, they will never grow. Even after many years the conscience will remind of itself. Therefore, the main thing is to be in harmony with your conscience, to be able to hear it, act on its prompts, correcting your mistakes.

If a person comprehends that he has acted out of conscience, then repentance comes. This feeling is very strong, it can hurt the soul like a razor. Repentance leads a person into such a state that sometimes one does not want to live, one wants to disappear, to hide. No wonder they say: “Fall through the earth.” Repentance is a remedy that heals the human soul. That act, which the person saw before as good, ridiculous, witty, even necessary, can now be assessed as stupid, dishonest, cowardly. A penitent man hates his act, pushes him out of his life and out of his heart, often cries. Many people are looking for salvation in the church, turning to God with a prayer for repentance and asking them to teach and help correct their misdeeds. Saint Seraphim of Sarov said: “The door of repentance is always open, and it is not known who will first enter it,


want to talk about the incident that happened to my grandfather in my childhood. This story changed my grandfather’s life at the root and had a deep impression on me. One evening, my grandfather and my friend were walking in the park. Suddenly on the bench they noticed a man who was dozing. Next to him lay a briefcase. Oh, a bad thought sank into the head of my grandfather friend Sashka. “Let’s steal the portfolio,” he suggested. Grandfather did not agree at first, but the temptation was great. The man did not react to them, so he was fast asleep. The boys seized the briefcase and rushed to run.

In the stolen portfolio was a large sum of money. Then the guys got confused. They spent money on sweets, walked in parks and had fun. Two months passed, the money was over, the guys did not remember about this case. But suddenly my mother fell ill with my grandfather. She got to the hospital and was on the verge of life and death. The family needed money to save Mom. One day my grandfather came to visit his mother and saw her friend in the ward. Next door sat a familiar man, from whom the boys stole a briefcase. The man greeted my grandfather and handed him the money with the words: “Take it, it’s for my mother, we from the bottom of our heart want to help her.”

More from this moment my grandfather remembered nothing. What did he say to the stranger? How did you get home? He was speechless! He wanted to die with shame. In his heart it was disgusting and painful, he did not sleep at night, did not know how to survive it. Who should splash out his pain and remorse? With whom to share, from whom to ask advice?

Grandfather suffered for a long time and decided to go to his grandmother in the village. He hoped that she would listen to him, understand, and it will become easier. My grandfather told the whole truth, and my grandmother was very upset. She walked about the room and thought about something. Then she took the boy by the hand and said: “Come with me.” Grandmother brought him to church. “Tell all the priest,” she advised.

Grandfather told the priest everything. And he received the following advice: “It’s not so terrible an act that you did, but what’s important is that you could admit your guilt, repent before God and ask for forgiveness from him.” But you have to admit your guilt to this man And how to redeem it, this you decide together. “

Grandfather did so. The man was acquainted with his mother’s friend, and it was easy to find him. My grandfather asked about one then, that his mother did not learn about the terrible act. For the rest of his life he remembered this lesson, and if it were not for his grandmother, he could not have lived. My grandfather still remembers his sin. He still thanks his wise grandmother and the Lord God, who enlightened and helped to atone for this shame.

The narrated story made me think about my own actions. I realized that remorse is not at all like recognizing a failure or a mathematical error. I wanted to cry when my grandfather told me about his sufferings. So can I do something evil to torment my soul? No wonder the folk wisdom says: “The best girlfriend is a clean conscience!”

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“Lessons of Life” composition