“Reflections on the War” essay

Undoubtedly, this terrible war affected all families in our country. In each of them someone was lost. Not everyone succeeded in burying a loved one according to all the rules. Many were lost without information and relatives did not even know where their relative or comrade was killed. War is the most terrible thing that can happen to humanity. It is merciless and destroys everything in its path, leaving only a miserable ashes.

Very few veterans remained, and after all they were not frightened at a difficult hour and without hesitation went to fight, defending their country. They fought to the last and accomplished this long-awaited feat, they won the fascists. How much courage and heroism these people have. Now, probably already, you will not meet people who, like the veterans of today, would sacrifice their priceless life for the sake of the future bright life of their fellow citizens. It is a pity that time goes by and the soldiers remain fewer and fewer every year.


like to listen from the lips of veterans about what happened in the war. They survived a lot, in such conditions modern people simply would not have survived, but remained as kind, generous and courageous. Many of them went to the front with boys. It is unlikely that any of the current youth dared to such a feat, now people have changed, there is no such unity as before. If it were not for these courageous people, we would not be here now, and no one knows what our great country would be like.

We and future generations should be grateful to the courage and bravery of people who fought for the freedom of our country. This terrible, merciless, harsh time should never happen again. How much pain did it bring to ordinary citizens who did not even suspect that they would have to survive the war. I want that military action never was in our world. That all lived amicably and happily and did not forget the heroic deed of those who defended the independence and freedom of our homeland.

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“Reflections on the War” essay