Interesting trip

On a sunny May day, we went on an excursion with the class. Our path lay in the heart of Russia, near Ryazan, where the ancient village of Konstantinovo, the homeland of SA Yesenin, settled down on the high bank of the Oka.

We got acquainted with the exposition dedicated to the life and work of the poet, visited his parents’ house and the estate of the landowner Kashin, admired the meadows that stretched beyond the river. The heart froze with reverence, because Yesenin was born and lived here, he walked along rural paths, breathed this air. Everything around is seemingly ordinary. What a powerful talent an artist must be endowed with to see and feel immense charm in the familiar, familiar, discover the beauty of his native nature, to embody it in magnificent poems!

Mentally I return to Konstantinovo, I pick up a volume of poems and can not remain indifferent, reading the lines:

Goy, you are my native Russia,
Khaty – in the garments of the image…
Do not see the end and the edge –
Only blue sucks eyes.

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Interesting trip