Indian fairy tale “Envious owl”

One day the owl sat on the roof of the royal palace and in the garden, on a tall palm tree, saw a nightingale. The owl noted with surprise that everyone who passes him, low, to the ground, bows.

Soon the king himself went out into the garden. He held in his hands a golden tray with selected grain.

“What do they think you’re so fond of?” the night owl asked.

“The king really likes my singing,” the nightingale said modestly.

The day was over, it was night, but the owl did not sleep.

“Why am I worse than a nightingale?” She reflected, “and my voice is even better than a nightingale.” The king had not yet heard my singing: if I were to sing, he would no longer listen to this lousy nightingale, and he and his courtiers would bow before me, would fulfill my most whimsical whims. “

Having become inflamed with such thoughts, the owl began to wail with all her strength: “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

And so terrible was the hooting that all at once in the palace woke up, and the king himself was angry:

“Who dares to go in the middle of the night in my palace?” Find him immediately and bring him to me.

Owl was quickly caught and brought to the king.

“Our master, that’s who dared to disturb your peace.”

“Grab her!” – Shortly ordered the king.

The servants grabbed the owl, plucked it to the last feather and drove it out of the royal palace.

Scarcely had an envious owl reached the dark forest.

Since then, she kept telling parrots about her adventure, because of which she has to go naked now. And she accused her of her misfortune, her shame and the shame of a little singing nightingale.

“It’s all because of him!” shouted the owl angrily. “It’s thanks to him that I go plucked, although I do not see anyone!”

“But what is the nightingale’s fault in front of you?” – Parrots were surprised.

And the owl knows:

“Who else, if not him?” Do not get caught in my eyes, I would never have dreamed of showing off to the king in his own voice. And if I did not sing, no one would hear me, no one would catch or pluck! So judge for yourself, who is to blame! Nightingale is to blame!

So it was not possible for the parrots to convince the envious owl that in its shame and disgrace, it was her own fault.

That’s it, friends, it is not necessary to blame someone for what is to blame himself.

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Indian fairy tale “Envious owl”