Summary “Pushkin’s Bronze Horseman”

Peter stands proudly on the banks of the Neva River and reflects on the majestic city that he wants to build, that would be one step closer to Europe. At the end of a hundred years, a beautiful mighty city, was erected in a deserted place. Solemnly exalted, he changed the darkness and chaos of this place of weakness.

The November was in the courtyard, it was quite cold, and the beautiful Neva River was playing with its waves. Eugene, who is a petty official, returns home very late in the evening, he was waiting for a quiet little room, far from the richest area of ​​St. Petersburg called Kolomna. Once his family was rich and noble, but no one remembers this, but in his turn he has long ceased to communicate with the nobility.

Eugene nervously spinning, can not fall asleep in any way, he is very worried about the situation in the society and about the fact that because of bridging he can not see his beloved for a few days, who is called Parasha, since she lives on the

other side of the river. He goes into dreams of a wedding, of children, of a happy life and a loving family, where he will be loved and valued and where peace will come. And with this falls asleep in his beautiful dreams…

The new day did not bring anything good. Enraged by the forces of the wind, the river flooded the whole city. Waves similar to the army that seized everything on its way washed the houses, people, trees and everything that came across them on the way. People say that this is the punishment of the Lord, and even the Tsar accepts his fate, and accepts that he is weak before the Lord and he is not in power, which is either to change.

In the square of Petra, high, on the marble lion, Eugene sits, he has long ceased to feel that, while the wind tears off his hat and the rapidly rising streams of water tickle the soles of his shoes. Rain cats and dogs. Eugene examines the other side of the river, because there is very near the water she lives, the most beautiful and beloved woman. He is so absorbed in his thoughts that he does not see what is happening next to him.

And now the Neva

again enters its shores, the raging water subsides. He runs to the river and agrees on crossing to the other shore with a boatman sitting on the shore. After the crossing, he does not recognize the places in which he often visited, everything is destroyed by the elements, fallen trees, demolished houses, dead people everywhere – this terrifies him. He quickly approaches the house where his beloved lives, but does not find it.

The new day gives all the residents peace, all destruction is slowly put in order and only Eugene can not put up with anything. He wanders around the city, in deep reflections, and yesterday’s storm still stands in his eyes. And so he wanders month by month living on the fact that, as they say, “God will give.”

Eugene absolutely does not notice anything happening around him, no children throwing stones at him, no coachmen whipping him with whips. Lonely night, in his dream, he again falls into that horrifying day. He wakes up and starts to wander nervously around the city, suddenly he notices the house, in front of which there are those very lions. Eugene rounds around the monument and begins to feel very excited. Anger overwhelms him, but suddenly he notices that the face of the terrible king is trying to address him, and runs away from him in horror.

He hides all night in all the courtyards and cellars of the city, since he still seems that the trampling of hoofs is looking for him. And in the future when he several times passed by this monument he removed his cap and pressed his hand to his heart asking for forgiveness for his thoughts, for the anger that he felt then.

Nearby was an empty, long-worn out house, it was at his doorstep that the dead lifeless body of the poor official Evgeny was found.

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Summary “Pushkin’s Bronze Horseman”