Summary of the third part of the novel “Oblomov” IA Goncharov


Oblomov was shining as he walked home. There he was waiting for Tarantiev. He asked Oblomov why he did not look at his kuma’s apartment. Oblomov replied that he would never move there. Tarantiev recalled the contract for the year, signed by Oblomov, about the money for six months ahead. Oblomov said that there was no money. Then Tarantyev demanded that he give him a cab and a cab. Oblomov gave him money and drove him away.


After the departure of Tarantyev, Oblomov imagines a wedding with Olga. He ran to Olga. Oblomov rushes to tell all his aunt, but Olga says that first you need to go to the ward, and then to your aunt. Moreover, we must go to Oblomovka, arrange business there. Oblomov seems that Olga has conspired with Stolz, hurrying him to live.

The next day Oblomov went to the city in the ward, but met an old friend on his way, called on him, sat up, so it was too late to go to the ward, I had to postpone till Monday. Then Oblomov went to the

Vyborg side. I found the house of the widow Pshenitsyna. He went into the house and saw Agafya Matveyevna, a woman of about thirty, full and white in her face. She was shy and afraid of Oblomov. Oblomov explained that he had hired an apartment here, and Agafia replied that she could not decide anything without a brother. Oblomov drew attention to how quietly in this direction. Agafya Matveyevna told Oblomov that she was nowhere to be found, and was only doing that as an economy. Oblomov asks the landlady to tell the brother that he will not move to the apartment, and leaves. On the way, he remembers that he wanted to look at the apartment for himself and Olga, but decides that you can postpone it until another time.


At the end of August, it rained, and people began to leave the dachas. The Ilinskys also left. Oblomov was hard to stay alone. And he decided to go to find another apartment on the Vyborg side. In the city, he can no longer see Olga so often, and their romance fades into nothing. Oblomov is increasingly drawn into the life of Agafia Matveyevna, she attracts him with his business skills, ability

to farm.

Oblomov finally gets to know his brother’s mistress. He tells his brother that he has to change the apartment, so this one could be passed on to someone. But the brother reminds about the contract, says that with the transfer of Oblomov and the search for a new tenant, they will have a loss, and demands from Oblomov, if he leaves, seven hundred rubles. Oblomov says that he has no money. In his purse was only three hundred rubles, although at the beginning of the summer a thousand two hundred were sent from the village. Oblomov was completely wilted, but remembered that today he would see Olga, and his mood improved.


Coming to Olga, Oblomov told her about the conversation with his brother, and then went to look for an apartment, but the prices were so great that Oblomov was horrified. He hurried back to Olga. Olga invites Ilya Ilyich to various amusements, and only one thought turns in his head, that there are only three hundred rubles left.

Returning home, Oblomov thinks about moving and realizes that he would have stayed on the Vyborg side, but only far from here to the center, but here “the order is strict and the economy goes gloriously.”

And the economy was definitely going fine. Agafya Matveyevna was like a god in the kitchen, she cooked Il’ya Ilich a fine meal, always stroked something, pushed and rubbed it. Oblomov admired her beauty, and she had already ceased to be embarrassed. Once Oblomov told Pshenitsyn that she needed to get married, and she answered that she would take it with the children. So three, four weeks passed, and Oblomov did not leave the apartment.

Once in the theater Oblomov heard an unpleasant conversation, from which he was completely lost. Frants from Olga’s lodge talked about him: what does he do in Olga’s bed and who is he in general? They were told that “some Oblomov.” Ilya Ilyich went home without waiting for the end of the performance.

One day Zakhar looked into Oblomov’s room and asked if he had found that apartment, and then things were unrecorded. Oblomov replied that he was waiting for a letter from the village. Then Zahar asked when the wedding Oblomova with Olga. Oblomov flared up: whence Zakhar took Oblomov’s marriage! Zahar replies that the people of Ilinskys said in the summer. Oblomov was shocked that servants, lackeys, etc., talked about their wedding, and the ideas of a beautiful wedding clouded for Ilya Ilyich.

Oblomov called Zakhar and said that he was spreading fake rumors about the wedding. And they are fake, because the wedding is a hassle, costs, it will be necessary to go to Oblomovka, everything should be arranged there. As a result, Ilya Ilyich ordered Zakhar not to dissolve more of these rumors. Then Anisya came and reassured the master, saying that all this was absurd, there would be no wedding, no one would even dare to think about it, not to say that.

When she left, Oblomov became discouraged: he pictured to himself the whole practical side of marriage, what duties she imposed. He remembered everything that concerns Olga, and a voice inside him said: “It’s faded, it’s gone!” “What now?” thought Oblomov.


Oblomov does not know how to behave with Olga now. A letter comes from her, in which she appoints a meeting in the Summer Garden.

In the garden, Olga meets him alone, which greatly worried Oblomov. Olga says she is happy to see him. Oblomov tries to find out how Olga could come alone. And she is cheerful, satisfied with the meeting and does not notice the state in which Oblomov came on a date. Oblomov says that they behave badly, seeing themselves privately, she can defame herself before all acquaintances of such behavior, and they will say that this Oblomov seduced a naive girl. Olga says that, therefore, we must all say to my aunt. Oblomov suggests not to hurry, but to wait for a letter from the village. But Olga says that she does not want to wait any more, so tomorrow Oblomov comes to them. Olga leaves, and Oblomov remains at a loss.


The next day Oblomov shudders at the thought of having to go to Olga. He decides that, before receiving news from the village, he will see Olga only on Sunday and with witnesses. He deals all day with food, lying, talking with Pshenitsyn. She took Ilya Ilyich’s bathrobe from the closet, but he refused to wear it anymore. Agafia Matveyevna is still washing her dressing gown.

From Olga comes a letter in which she writes that she cried all night, since Oblomov did not come. In response Oblomov wrote that he had caught a cold. Olga wrote that he took care and did not come yet to them. Ilya Ilyich was very pleased with this proposal from Olga. Later, the bridges were removed, the Neva was not yet frozen, and now Oblomov could not go to Olga. But here they put the bridges across the Neva, and from Olga came with a letter to Nikita. Oblomov hid from him, and Zakhar and Anisye ordered nothing to talk to him about.


A week has passed. During this time Oblomov dealt with the children of Agafya Matveyevna, talked with her himself, only he did not see his brother once.

One morning Zakhar said that they had finally built bridges across the Neva, which meant that on Sunday we had to go to Olga. Oblomov is tormented by this duty, but, on the other hand, his still lovely face looms in his imagination. He decides to wait for news from the village.

At this time, Olga was informed that the bridges were set, and she was glad that Oblomov would come on Sunday.

On Sunday, Olga was looking forward to Oblomov, especially since the baron said that in April she could go to her estate. She dreams about how Oblomov will be delighted with this news. But Ilya Ilyich did not appear on that day.

On Monday, Katya came to Oblomov and announced that Olga is here, she is sitting in a carriage and wants to visit him. Oblomov expels Zakhar and Anisya from the house. Olga entered the house. She understands that Oblomov was not sick. He tells her that he was afraid of gossip, gossip. Olga says that the talk will be silenced as soon as they report all the aunt. But Oblomov stands on his own. Olga understands that there is something wrong here. Oblomov responds that he wants peace. Olga looks around, sees a crumpled bed, an unread book and understands that Oblomov is starting to live his old life. She accuses him of not loving her, but Oblomov insists in a fit that she is his love, she moves him, he is ready to go right now anywhere… just to be with her. Olga leaves.

After leaving Ilinskoy Oblomov again ready to go forward, he understands, in what nasty place lives. At night he read almost all the books sent by Olga.


The next day Oblomov was justified before Pshenitsyna that he did not have any young lady, it was the dressmaker who sews shirts.

In the evening, a letter came from attorney Oblomov, his neighbor. He wrote that the case is bad, the house is falling apart, the road will be traveled far from Oblomovka, he refuses to do business, since he himself has a lot of trouble. And, of course, Oblomov should come himself, otherwise he will be ruined.

Ilya Ilyich hoped not at all to such news.

It was possible to think about the wedding only after a year. Oblomov thinks out various ways out of the situation: to occupy, to lay the village, but refuses everything. Finally he asked Agafya Matveyevna that her brother should come to him tomorrow.


The next day Oblomov asked for advice from his brother Pshenitsyn. He says that you have to go if things are so bad. Ivan Matveyevich asks Oblomov about the peasants, dowries, etc. But Oblomov says that he knows nothing, and asks him to teach everything. After all, he, Oblomov, is a gentleman, but because he never did anything and does not know how. Then Ivan Matveyevich suggests Ilya Ilyich to entrust his affairs to a knowledgeable person and write a power of attorney to him.

He has this – his colleague, honest soul. Oblomov agrees.


In the evening of the same day, Ivan Matveyevich and Tarantyev discussed the matter that they want to turn over with Oblomov. Tarantyev is afraid that they will burn, but Ivan Matveyevich is confident in his colleague, in addition, Oblomov is a real booby who knows nothing about life or business.


Oblomov tells Olga about the letter from the village and about the fact that she will entrust all the affairs to her brother’s colleague Pshenitsyna. Olga says that you can not trust strangers. But Oblomov assures her that they can be trusted. And when the new attorney deals with the cases, a new house will be built, they will marry. And this takes about a year. Olga falls and faints. She is taken to the room. Left alone. Oblom decided that he himself would go to the village with an attorney, take money, play a wedding with Olga, and then arrange Oblomovka, as it should.

Olga left, in her eyes Oblomov read the decision to part.

She says she relied too much on her own strength, but Oblomov did not change it, he died already. After a year, he would not have built his life, his estate. And if they were married, he would fall asleep every day stronger and stronger, and she will never tire of living. She also says that she loved in him what Stolz pointed out to her, what they invented with him. Olga cries, Oblomov realizes that she is now telling the truth. “Why has everything perished, what has ruined you?” Olga asked, “there is no name for this evil.” “There is Oblomovshchina,” answered Ilya Ilyich, and left without raising his head.

Oblomov returned home and did not notice how he was pulled on his robe. He fell asleep. I saw nothing, did not hear, did not understand. He sat all night in the armchair. In the morning it began to snow. Zakhar offered a pie, but Oblomov refused, he got a fever.

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Summary of the third part of the novel “Oblomov” IA Goncharov