Russian folk fairy tales in brief


My stepmother has a daughter and stepdaughter. The old woman decides to drive the stepdaughter out of the yard and orders her husband to take the girl “in a clear field to the crackling frost.” He obeys.

In the clear field Frost Red nose greets the girl. She responds gently. Frost becomes a pity for a stepdaughter, and he does not freeze it, but gives a dress, a fur coat, a chest of dowry.

The stepmother already celebrates the wake of the stepdaughter and tells the old man to go to the field, to bring the girl’s body to bury. The old man returns and brings his daughter – alive, elegant, with a dowry! The stepmother orders her daughter to be taken to the same place. Frost Red nose comes to look at the guest. Without waiting for the “good speeches” from the girl, he kills her. The old woman expects the daughter to return with wealth, but instead the old man brings only a cold body.

Swan geese

Parents leave

for work, telling their daughter not to walk from the yard and take care of the younger brother. But the girl puts her brother under the window, and she runs to the street. Geese-swans meanwhile take away the brother on the wings. Sister runs after the geese-swans. On the way she meets a stove, an apple tree, a milk river – a shoestring. At them the girl asks about her brother, but the stove asks her to try the pirozhka, apple-apple, river-kiselka with milk. The picky girl does not agree. She meets the hedgehog, who points her way. He comes to the hut on chicken legs, looks in there – and there Baba Yaga and brother. The girl takes away the brother, and geese-swans fly after her in pursuit.

The girl asks the river to hide it and agrees to eat a kissel. Then she hides an apple, and the girl has to eat a wood apple, then she hides in the oven and eats a rye pie. Geese do not see it and fly away with nothing.

The girl and her brother come running home, and then just the father and mother come.

Ivan Bykovich

The tsar and the queen have no children. They dream that the queen will become

pregnant if she eats a golden-ruffed ruff. The ruff is caught, fried, the cook is poured by the cook, the cow drinks. Tsarina is born Ivan Tsarevich, the cook – Ivan, the cook’s son, and the cow Ivan Bykovich. All three fellows one face.

Ivans try to force which of them to be a big brother. Ivan Bykovich is stronger than all… Well done people find a big stone in the garden, a basement under it, and there are three heroic horses standing there. The king allows the Ivan to go to foreign lands.

Good fellows come to the hut of Baba Yaga. It says that on the Smorodino River, on the Kalinov Bridge, there live miracle Yudas, which all the neighboring kingdoms ruined.

Well done people come to the Smorodina River, stop in an empty hut and decide to take turns to go to the patrol. Ivan Tsarevich falls asleep on the patrol. Ivan Bykovitch, not hoping for him, comes to the Kalinovy ​​Bridge, fights with the six-headed miracle Yud, kills him and puts six heads on the bridge. Then goes to watch Ivan, the cook’s son, also falls asleep, and Ivan Bykovitch defeats the nine-headed wonder-yudo. Then Ivan Bykovitch leads the brothers under the bridge, shames them and shows them the heads of monsters. The next night, Ivan Bykovich prepares for a fight with a twelve-headed miracle. He asks the brothers not to sleep and watch: blood will flow from the towels into the bowl. Spills over the edge – you need to rush to the rescue.

Ivan Bykovich fights with a miracle-yudom, the brothers fall asleep. It is hard for Ivan Bykovich. He throws his mittens into the hut – breaks through the roof, knocks out the windows, and the brothers all sleep. Finally, he throws a hat that destroys the hut. The brothers wake up, and the bowl is already full of blood. They lower the hero’s horse from the chains, they themselves run to help. But while they are rushing, Ivan Bykovich is already coping with a miracle Yud.

After that miracle Yudov’s wife and mother-in-law plot to take revenge on Ivan Bykovich. Wives want to turn into a deadly apple, a well, a golden bed and find themselves on the way with good fellows. But Ivan Bykovich learns of their plans and cuts the crib, the well, found by the apple tree. Then the wonder-Yuda mother-in-law, an old witch, dresses up as a beggar and begs for alms. Ivan Bykovich is going to give her, and she takes the hero by the hand, and both are in the dungeon of her old husband.

The witch’s husband lifts his eyelashes with iron pitchforks. The old man orders Ivan Bykovich to bring the queen – golden curls. The witch burns with grief. The old man teaches the hero to open the magic oak and take out the ship. And Ivan Bykovich takes out of the oak a lot of ships and boats. Several old people ask Ivan Bikovich to accompany them. One – Eaten, another – Opivailo, the third man can steam in a bath, the fourth – stargazer, the fifth ruff swims. Together they go to the queen – golden curls. There, in her unprecedented realm, the old people help to eat and drink all the food, to cool the hot bath.

The queen leaves with Ivan Bykovich, but on the way turns into a star and flies to heaven. The stargazer returns it to its place. Then the queen turns into a pike, but an old man who knows how to swim a ruff, picks it at her sides, and she returns to the ship. The old men say goodbye to Ivan Bykovich, and he, along with the queen, goes to his miracle-old father. Ivan Bykovich offers a test: the queen marries the one who passes through the perch through a deep pit. Ivan Bykovich passes, and the miracle-yod father flies into the pit.

Ivan Bykovich returns home to his brothers, marries the queen – golden curls and asks a wedding feast.

The Seven Simeons

The old man is born in one day seven sons, they are all called Simeons. When the Simeons remain orphans, they do all the work in the field. The king, passing by, sees working in the field of small children, beckons them to him and asks. One of them says that he wants to be a blacksmith and shackle a huge pillar, the other to look from this pillar, the third to be a ship carpenter, the fourth to be a helmsman, the fifth to hide a ship at the bottom of the sea, the sixth to get it out, and the seventh to be a thief. The latter does not like the desire of the latter. Simeonov is given to science. After a while the king decides to look at their skills.

The smith shackled a huge pillar, his brother climbed on it and saw Helen the Fair in the distant country. Other brothers demonstrated their ship art. And the seventh – Simeon the thief – the king wants to hang, but he undertakes to steal Elena for her. All seven brothers go for the princess. The thief dresses up as a merchant, gives a princess a cat that is not found in that land, shows her expensive fabrics and dresses and promises to show an unusual stone if Elena comes to the ship.

Only Elena joined the ship, as the fifth brother hid the ship to the bottom of the sea… And the sixth, when the danger of the pursuit passed, led him outside and led to his native shore. The king generously rewarded Simeonov, married Elena the Fair, and asked a feast.

Marya Morevna

Ivan Tsarevich has three sisters: Marya Tsarevna, Olga Tsarevna and Anna Tsarevna. When their parents die, his brother marries his sisters: Marya for the falcon, Olga for the eagle, and Anna for the crow.

Ivan Tsarevich goes to visit his sisters and meets a huge army in the field, someone broken. One of the survivors explains: this army is broken by Marya Morevna, the beautiful royal. Ivan Tsarevich goes further, meets Marya Morevna, visits her in tents. Then he marries the princess, and they go to her state.

Marya Morevna, going to war, forbids her husband to look into one of the closets. But he, disobeying, looks – and there Koshchei the Immortal is chained. Ivan Tsarevich gives Koshchei drink. He, gaining strength, breaks the chain, flies away and on the way carries away Marya Morevna. Her husband is going to look for her.

On the way Ivan Tsarevich meets the palaces of a falcon, an eagle and a crow. He is staying with his brother-in-law, leaving a silver spoon, fork and knife in his memory. Having reached Marya Morevny, Ivan Tsarevich twice tries to take his wife home, but both times Koschey on a fast horse overtakes them and takes away Marya Morevna. For the third time he kills Ivan Tsarevich and chops his body to pieces.

The son-in-law of Ivan Tsarevich blackened with donated silver. The falcon, the eagle and the raven find the chopped body, spray it with dead and living water. The prince is alive.

Koshchei the Immortal tells Marya Morevna that he took his horse from Baba Yaga, that behind the fiery river. Koroleva steals from Koshchei and gives her husband a magic handkerchief, through which you can cross the fiery river.

Ivan Tsarevich goes to Baba Yaga. Along the way he, though hungry, does not eat pity, a lion cub and even bee honey out of pity, so as not to offend the bees. The prince is hired by Baba Yaga to feed her mares. It’s impossible to keep track of them, but birds, lions and bees help the prince.

Ivan Tsarevich steals from Baba Yaga a lousy colt. Baba Yaga starts in pursuit, but drowns in a fiery river.

On his bogatyr horse Ivan Tsarevich and takes away Marya Morevna. Koschey catches up with them. The prince enters into battle with him and kills him.

Ivan Tsarevich and Marya Morevnaya visit a crow, an eagle and a falcon, and then go to their kingdom.

Emelya the Fool

The peasant had three sons; two clever, and the third, Emelya, is a fool. The father dies, leaving everyone with “one hundred rubles”. The older brothers go to trade, leaving Emel with their daughters-in-law and promising to buy him red boots, a fur coat and a caftan.

In winter, in severe frost, the daughter-in-law sends Emelya for water. He with great reluctance goes to the hole, fills the bucket… And he catches a pike in the ice-hole. Pike promises to make it so that any Emelino desire will come true if he releases her. She reveals the magic words to the guy: “By the pike command, at my wish.” Emelya lets go of the pike. His first desire with the help of wonderful words is fulfilled: buckets of water go home themselves.

A little later, the daughter-in-law forces Emelya to go into the yard, to cut wood. Emelya orders the ax to chop wood, and firewood to go into the hut and go to the oven. The daughter-in-law is amazed.

They send Emelya to the woods for firewood. He does not harness horses, the sleigh themselves ride from the courtyard Driving through the city, Emelya presses a lot of people. In the woods, the ax cuts wood and a baton for Emely.

On the way back to the city of Emel trying to catch and hump his sides. And Emelya orders her baton to beat all the abusers and safely returns home.

The king, hearing about all this, sends to Emelya his officer. He wants to take the fool to the king. Emelya does not agree, and the officer gives him a slap in the face. Then Emelin baton beats both the officer and his soldiers. The officer reports all this to the king. The King sends a clever man to Emelya. He first talks with his daughters-in-law and finds out that a fool loves gentle treatment. Sour Emelya delicacies and fresh, he persuades him to appear to the king. Then the fool tells his furnace to go to the city.

In the royal palace Emelya sees the princess and makes a wish: let her fall in love with him.

Emelya leaves the king, and the princess asks her father to marry her to Emelya. The king orders the officer to deliver Emelya to the palace. The officer drinks Emelya drunk, and then binds them, puts them in a tent and drives them to the palace. The king orders him to make a big barrel, put his daughter and fool there, kick the barrel and put it into the sea.

In the barrel the fool wakes up. The royal daughter tells him about what happened, and asks him to get himself and her out of the barrel. The fool pronounces magic words, and the sea throws the barrel ashore. It crumbles.

Emelya and the princess are on a beautiful island. By Emelin’s desire there is a huge palace and a crystal bridge to the royal palace. Then Emelya himself becomes intelligent and beautiful.

Emelya invites the king to his house. He comes, feast with Emelya, but does not recognize him. When Emelya tells him everything that happened, the king rejoices and agrees to marry him to the princess.

The king returns home, and Emelya and the princess live in their palace.

The Tale of Ivan the Tsarevich, Firebird and the Gray Wolf

The tsar Has sent Andronovich three sons: Dmitry, Vasily and Ivan. Every night a fever bird flies into the royal garden and pecks golden apples on the Tsar’s beloved apple tree. King Vyslav promises the heir of the kingdom to make that of the sons who catch the firebird. First goes to the garden to watch her Dmitry Tsarevich, but falls asleep at his post. The same happens with Vasily-Tsarevich. But Ivan Tsarevich lies in wait for the fire-bird, grabs, but it escapes, leaving only a feather in his hands.

The king orders his children to find and bring him a firebird. The older brothers go separately from the younger. Ivan Tsarevich comes to the post on which it is written: the one who will go straight will be hungry and cold, to the right-he will be alive, but he will lose his horse, to the left-lose his life, and the horse will live. The prince goes to the right. He meets a gray wolf who kills his horse, but agrees to serve Ivan Tsarevich and carries him to King Dolmat, who has a cage with a firebird in the garden. The wolf advises the bird to take, but does not touch the cage. But the prince takes a cage, a knock and thunder rises, the watchman catches him and leads him to the king. King Dolmat agrees to forgive the prince and give him a firebird, if he leads him a golden-haired horse. Then the wolf takes Ivan Tsarevich to King Afron – he has a golden horse in his stable. The wolf convinces not to touch the bridle, but the prince does not obey him. Again, Ivan Tsarevich is caught, and the king promises to give him the horse, if the prince brings in return Helen the Beautiful. Then the wolf kidnaps Elena the Fair, rushes her and Ivan Tsarevich to King Afron. But the Tsarevich felt sorry for giving the princess Afrona. The wolf assumes the form of Helen, and King Afron gladly gives the prince a horse for an imaginary princess.

A wolf runs away from King Afron and drives Ivan the prince.

After that, he takes the form of a golden horse, and the prince takes him to King Dolmat. He, in turn, gives the firebird to the prince. And the wolf again takes on his face and resorts to Ivan Tsarevich. The wolf takes Ivan Tsarevich to the place where his horse was torn, and bids farewell to him. The prince and the royal go on. They stop to rest and fall asleep. Dmitry Tsarevich and Vasily-Tsarevich find them sleeping, they kill their brother, they take away the horse and the fire-bird. The princess, on pain of death, orders everyone to remain silent and take her with her. Dmitry Tsarevich is going to marry her.

A gray wolf finds the body of Ivan the Tsarevich. He waits for the ravens to arrive and grabs the crow. The raven-father promises to bring dead and living water if the wolf does not touch his offspring. The raven fulfills its promise, the wolf sprinkles the body with the dead, and then with live water. The prince is alive, and the wolf is taking him to the kingdom of King Vyslav. Ivan Tsarevich is at the wedding of his brother with Elena the Beautiful. At the sight of it, Elena the Beautiful decides to tell the whole truth. And then the king puts the eldest sons in prison, and Ivan the prince marries Elena the Beautiful.

Sivka Burka

The old man, dying, asks his three sons, that they alternately spend one night at his grave. The elder brother does not want to spend the night on the grave, but asks the younger one, Ivan the fool, to spend the night in his place. Ivan agrees. At midnight, the father comes out of the grave. He summons a giant horse, a blue-brown burka, and orders him to serve his son. The middle brother does the same as the elder brother. Again Ivan is sleeping on the grave, and at midnight the same thing is happening. On the third night, when Ivan’s turn comes, everything repeats itself.

The king throws a cry: who will tear off the portrait of the princess, on the fly painted, with a high house, then the princess will marry. The older and middle brothers are going to watch the portrait being torn off. A fool begs for them, the brothers give him a three-legged mare, and they themselves leave. Ivan also calls for a blue-haired burka, he climbs in one ear, climbs out into another and becomes a good man. He goes to get a portrait.

The horse jumps high, but does not get a portrait of just three logs. The brothers see this. Returning home, they tell their wives about the young man’s death, but do not know that this is their brother. The next day, the same thing happens – Ivan again just does not get enough. The third time, he tears off the portrait.

The king summons all people of the estate to feast. Ivan the fool also comes and sits behind the stove. The princess treats the guests and looks: who is using the shirt with the portrait? But she does not see Ivan Pir goes on the next day, but the princess again does not find the condemned. For the third time she discovers a fool Ivan with a portrait and happily leads to his father. The brothers of Ivan are amazed.

They are playing a wedding. Ivan, having dressed and cleaned up, becomes a fine fellow: “not Ivan the fool, but Ivan is the royal son-in-law.”

The Magic Ring

An old man lives with a hunter and his old son Martynka. Dying, he leaves his wife and son two hundred rubles. Martin takes a hundred rubles and goes to the city to buy bread. But instead he buys the Zhurku from the butchers, whom they want to kill. To this goes the whole hundred. The old woman swears, but – there is nothing to be done – she gives her a hundred rubles more. Now, Martynka buys the cat Vaska from the evil boy for the same price.

Mother expels Martyn from the house, and he is hired as laborers to the ass. Three years later the priest offers him a bag with silver and a bag of sand. The martin chooses the sand, takes it and goes to look for another place. He comes to a forest glade, on which a fire burns, and in the fire – a girl. Martyn falls asleep with sand. The girl turns into a snake and leads Martyn to the underground kingdom to his father to thank. The king of the podzel-chalk side gives Martynke a magic ring.

Taking the ring and some money, Martynka returns to her mother. He persuades his mother to marry a beautiful princess for him. Mother does so, but the king in response to this matchmaking gives Martynke the task: let him build a palace, a crystal bridge and a five-domed cathedral in one day. Will do this – let him marry the princess, do not do it – will be executed.

The Martynka throws a ring from hand to hand, are twelve fellows and carry out a royal order. It is necessary for the king to extradite his daughter to Martyn. But the princess does not love her husband. She steals from him a magic ring and with his help is carried away to the far end of the earth, to the state of the mouse. She abandons Martynka in poverty, in the former hut. Upon learning of the disappearance of his daughter, the king orders to imprison Martynka in a stone pillar and starves him.

Vaska’s cat and Zhurka’s dog resort to the pillar, they look in the window. They promise to help the owner. Cat and dog rush to the feet of street vendors, and then bring Martynka kalachi, rolls and a bottle of sour cabbage soup.

Vaska and Zhurka go to the state’s mouse – to get the magic ring. They swim across the sea – a cat on the back of a dog. In the mouse kingdom, Vaska begins to choke the mice until the mouse king asks for mercy. Vaska and Zhurk require a magic ring. One mouse is summoned to get it. He makes his way into the bedroom to the princess, and she, even when asleep, holds the ring in her mouth. The mouse tickles her tail in the nose, she sneezes and loses the ring. And then the mouse brings the ring Zhurka and Vaska.

Go dog and cat back. Vaska is holding a ring in his teeth. When they cross the sea, Vaska chops into the head, and the cat drops the ring into the water. After reaching the shore, Vaska and Zhurka begin to catch crayfish. The king-cancer begs for mercy, the crayfish push the beluga fish down to the shore, swallowing the ring.

Vaska is the first to grab a ring and runs away from Zhurka to take all the credit for himself. The dog catches up with him, but the cat climbs onto the tree. Zhurka watches Vaska for three days, but then they make up their mind.

The cat and the dog resort to the stone pillar and give the ring to the master. The Martynka regains the palace, the crystal bridge and the cathedral. Returns and the unfaithful wife. The king orders her to be executed. “But the Martynka is still alive and is chewing bread.”


The old man gives his son, whose name is Monkey, to the soldiers. Learning is not given to Monkey, and he is whipped with rods. And here Montyshka dreams that if he escapes to another kingdom, he will find there one-gold cards, with which you will beat everyone, and a purse from which money does not decrease, though a mountain of gold is poured out.

Sleep comes true. With cards and a purse in his pocket, Monkey comes to the inn and starts a fight with the marquee. The generals resorted – they are outraged by the behavior of the Monkey. True, seeing his wealth, the generals change their minds. They play with the Monkey in cards, he plays them, but gives all his winnings back to them. The generals tell their king about the Monkey. The King comes to the Monkey and also plays cards with him. Monkey, having won, and the king gives his winnings back.

The King makes the Monkey the chief minister and builds a three-story house for him. The monkey in the absence of the king ruled the kingdom for three years and does a lot of good for ordinary soldiers and a poor brotherhood.

The daughter of King Nastasya calls the Monkey to visit. They play cards, and then at the table, Nastasya-korona presents him with a glass of “sleeping potion”. Then he takes the card and wallet from the sleeping Marty and tells him to throw it into the dung hole. Waking up, Monkey gets out of the hole, puts on his old soldier’s dress and leaves the kingdom. On the way he meets an apple tree, eats an apple, and his horns grow. Takes an apple from another tree, and the horns fall off. Then the Monkey collects apples of both varieties and returns to the kingdom.

The monkey gives a good apple to an old woman shopkeeper, and she becomes young and fat. In gratitude, the shopkeeper gives Monkey the dress of the marquee. He goes to sell apples, gives an apple to Nastasya’s maid, and she too becomes beautiful, fat. Seeing this, the princess also wants apples. But they do not do good for it: Nastasya-korolev grow horns. A Monkey, dressed as a doctor, is going to treat the princess. He leads her to a bath, lashes a copper rod and forces her to confess the sin she committed. The princess blamed herself for deceiving the minister, giving away the cards and the purse. Then the Monkey treats her with good apples: Nastasya’s horns fall off, and she becomes a beauty. The king again makes the Monkey the chief minister and gives it to Nastasya the princess.

Legless and armless bogatyrs

The tsarevich conceives of marrying, but only knows that the princess, to whom he is wedded, has already killed many of her suitors. Poor peasant Ivan Naked comes to the prince and promises to arrange the job.

The Tsarevich and Ivan the Naked go to the princess. She offers the groom a test: to shoot a heroic gun, an onion, to ride a bogatyr horse. All this is performed by the servant instead of the Tsarevich. When Ivan Naked opened the arrow, she fell into the hero of Mark Runner and beat him both hands.

The princess agrees to get married. After the wedding, she puts her hand on her husband at night, and he begins to suffocate. Then the princess guesses that she was deceived, and her husband is no hero. She’s plotting revenge. The Tsarevich and his wife are going home. When Ivan Naked falls asleep, the princess cuts off his legs, leaves Ivan in a clean field, orders the prince to stand on the brakes and turns the carriage back to his kingdom. Returning, she forces her husband to feed the pigs.

Ivan Goloi is found by Marco Begun. Legless and armless bogatyrs live together in the forest. They steal one priest, and she helps them in the household. A serpent arrives to the priests, because it withers and grows thin. The heroes catch the snake and force it to show the lake where the water is. From bathing in this water the heroes grow hands and feet. Marco Begun returns father’s paternity and he himself remains to live with this priest

Ivan Naked goes to seek the prince and finds him grazing pigs. The Tsarevich is changing clothes with Ivan. He rides a horse, and Ivan drives pigs. The princess sees from the window that the cattle are being driven off on time, and orders to tear out the shepherd. But Ivan Naked pulls her by braids until she does not repent. Since then, she begins to obey her husband. And Ivan the Naked serves them.

The Sea King and Vasilisa the Wise

The king travels along foreign lands, and in the meantime at home his son Ivan Tsarevich is born. When the king drinks water from the lake, the sea king grabs him by the beard and demands to give what he does not know at home. The king agrees. Only when he arrives home does he understand his mistake.

When Ivan Tsarevich becomes an adult, the king takes him to the lake and orders him to look for the ring he has lost. The old lady meets the prince, who explains to him that he was given to the sea king. The old woman advises Ivan Tsarevich to wait on the shore of the appearance of thirteen pigeons – beautiful girls and the last, the thirteenth, to steal a shirt. The prince obeys advice. Doves come flying in, turn into girls and swim. Then they fly away, there remains only the youngest, whose prince also steals a shirt. This is Vasilisa the Wise. She gives the tsarevich a ring and points the way to the sea kingdom, and she flies away.

The prince comes to the sea kingdom. The king of the sea commands him to sow a vast wasteland and grow rye there, and if the tsarevich does not do this, he will be executed.

Ivan Tsarevich tells of his misfortune to Vasilisa. She tells him to go to bed, and orders his faithful servants to do everything. In the morning the rye is already high. The Tsar gives Ivan Tsarevich a new task: threshing three hundred chunks of wheat a night. At night, Vasilisa the Wise orders the ants to choose grain from the stacks. Then the king orders the prince to build a church out of pure wax for the night. Vasilisa commands the bees to do this. Then the king allows Ivan Tsarevich to marry any of his daughters.

Ivan Tsarevich marries Vasilisa the Wise. After some time he confesses to his wife that he wants to holy Russia. Vasilisa spits in three corners, locks her tower and runs away with her husband to Russia. Messengers from the sea king come to call the young to the palace. Saliva from the three corners answer them that it’s too early. In the end, messengers break the door, and in the tower is empty.

The Sea King equips the chase. Vasilisa, hearing the chase, turns into a sheep, and turns her husband into a shepherd. Messengers do not recognize them and come back. The Sea King sends a new pursuit. Now Vasilisa turns into a church, and turns the prince into a priest. The chase returns. The sea king himself starts after. Vasilisa turns horses into a lake, her husband into a drake, and turns herself into a ditch. The sea king recognizes them, becomes an eagle, but can not kill drake and duck, because they dive.

Young come to the kingdom of Ivan the Prince. The prince wants to report to his mother’s father and asks Vasilisa to wait for him in the forest. Vasilisa warns that the Tsarevich will forget her. So it happens.

Vasilisa is hired to work in the women’s office. She molds two doves from the dough, which fly to the palace to the prince and fight in the windows. The prince, seeing them, remembers Vasilisa, finds her, leads to her mother’s father, and everyone lives together.

Finist’s feather – the falcon is clear

The old man has three daughters. The father is going to the city, the elder and middle daughter are asked to buy cloth for them, and the smaller one is the fin of Finist – the falcon is clear. Returning, the father gives the elder daughters a new one, but he could not find the feather. Next time older sisters receive a kerchief, and the promised younger feather again is not present. For the third time the old man finally buys a feather for a thousand rubles.

In the room of the little daughter, the feather turns into Tsarevich Finist the Tsarevich and the girl are talking. Sisters hear voices. Then the prince turns into a falcon, and the girl lets him fly. The older sisters stick knives and needles into the window frame. Returning, finist hurts wings on knives and flies away, telling the girl to look for him in the far end of the kingdom. She hears it through a dream.

The girl is stocked with three pairs of iron shoes, three cast-iron staves, three stone puffs and goes to look for Finist. On the way, she sleeps with three old women. One gives her a golden spindle, the other a silver dish with a golden egg, the third a golden pheasant with a needle.

Prosvirs are already eaten, the staffs are broken, the shoes are worn out. The girl learns that Finist in such and such a city has married a daughter’s daughter, and is hired to work in the office. The gifts of the old ladies are given to the mother’s daughter in exchange for the right to stay with Finist for three nights.

His wife mixes Phoenigue with a sleeping potion. He sleeps and does not see the red girl, does not hear her words. On the third night, the hot teardrop of the maid awakens Finist. The prince and the girl run away from the peep.

Finist again turns to feather, and the girl comes with him home. She says she was in a pilgrimage. Father and older daughters leave for matins. The smaller remains at home and, having saved a little, goes to church with the prince Finist, in a golden coach and precious dresses. In the church, the relatives do not recognize the girls, and she does not reveal them to them. The next day the same thing happens. On the third day the father guesses everything, makes the daughter confess, and the red maiden marries Tsarevich Finist.

Cunning Science

The grandfather and the woman have a son. I want the old man to give the guy to science, but there is no money. He drives his old son to the towns, but nobody wants to teach him without money. One day he meets a man who agrees for three years to teach the guy a cunning science. But he puts the condition: if the old man does not recognize his son in three years, he will always remain with the teacher.

The day before the appointed time, a son arrives to his father with a small bird and tells that the teacher has eleven other pupils who parents did not recognize, and they stayed with the master forever.

The son teaches his father how he can be recognized.

The master wraps his pupils with pigeons, stallions, good fellows, but in all guises, the father finds out his son. Father and son go home.

On the way they meet the master. The son turns into a dog and tells his father to sell him to the master, but without a collar. The old man is selling with a collar. The son still manages to escape from the master and return home.

After a while the son turns into a bird, tells his father to sell it in the market, but without a cage. My father does so. A sorcerer teacher buys a bird, and she flies away.

Then the son turns to the stallion and asks his father to sell him without a bridle. The father again sells the sorcerer of the horse, but you have to give and bridle. The sorcerer leads the horse home and binds. The sorcerer’s daughter out of pity wants to lengthen the motive, and the horse runs away. The sorcerer chases him with a gray wolf. Well done turns ruff, sorcerer – pike… Then the ruff turns into a gold ring, it takes the merchant’s daughter, but the sorcerer demands that she give the ring. The girl throws a ring, it is scattered with grains, and the sorcerer in the guise of a cock pecking grain. One grain turns into a hawk, which lifts up the cock.

Sister Alenushka, brother Ivanushka

The king and the queen die; their children Alyonushka and Ivanushka go to wander.

Children see a herd of cows near the pond. The sister persuades his brother not to drink from this pond, so as not to become a calf. They see at the water and herds of horses, and a herd of pigs, and a herd of goats. Alyonushka everywhere warns the brother. But in the end, disobeying his sister, he drinks and becomes a kid.

Alyonushka ties him to his belt and leads him with him. They enter the royal garden. The king asks Alenushka who she is. Soon he will marry her.

On Alenushka, who became a queen, spoils the evil witch. She herself undertakes to treat the queen: she orders to go to the sea and drink water there. At the sea, the witch drowns Alyonushka. The little kid, seeing this, cries. And the witch assumes the appearance of Queen Alenushka.

The pretended queen offends Ivanushka. She begs the king to order the kid to be slaughtered. The Tsar, although reluctantly, agrees. The goat wants permission to go to the sea. There he asks his sister to swim, but she answers from under the water that she can not. The kid goes back, but then asks for more and more. The king, surprised, secretly follows him. There he hears the conversation between Alyonushka and Ivanushka. Alyonushka tries to swim, and the tsar pulls her ashore. The little kid tells about what happened, and the king orders the witch to execute.

Princess Frog

The king has three sons. The youngest is Ivan Tsarevich. The king tells them to shoot arrows in different directions. Each of them must ask a girl whose yard his arrow will fall. The arrow of the eldest son falls on the boyar courtyard, the middle one – on the merchant’s, and the arrow of Ivan Tsarevich – into the swamp, and the frog picks it up.

The eldest son is married to a boy, the middle one is on a merchant’s daughter, and Ivan Tsarevich has to marry a frog.

The king orders his daughter-in-law to bake on white bread. Ivan Tsarevich is upset, but the frog comforts him. At night, she turns into Vasilisa the Wise and orders her nurse mums to bake bread. The next morning, a glorious bread is ready. And the king tells the daughter-in-law to weave the carpet in one night. Ivan Tsarevich is sad. But the frog at night turns around again Vasilisa the Wise and gives the order to the nurse-mums. The next morning, a wonderful carpet is ready.

The king orders his sons to come to see him with their wives. Ivan Tsarevich’s wife is in the guise of Vasilisa the Wise. She dances, and from the sweeps of her hands a lake appears, swans swim along the water. Wives of other princes try to imitate her, but without success. Meanwhile, Ivan Tsarevich finds a frog skin, discarded by his wife, and burns it. Upon learning of this, Vasilisa grieves, turns into a white swan and flies out the window, telling the prince to look for her at the far end of the earth from Koshchei the Immortal. Ivan Tsarevich goes to look for his wife and meets an old man who explains that Vasilisa had to live three years as a frog-this was her punishment from her father. The old man gives the prince a ball, which will lead him behind him.

On the way Ivan Tsarevich wants to kill the bear, drake, hare, but spares them. Seeing the pike on the sand, he throws it into the sea.

The prince goes into the hut on the chicken legs to Baba Yaga. She says that it’s difficult to cope with Koshchei: his death in a needle, a needle in an egg, an egg in a duck, a duck in a hare, a hare in a trunk, and a trunk in an oak tree. Yaga indicates the place where the oak is. The animals, which Ivan Tsarevich spared, help him to get a needle, and Koshchei must die. But the Tsarevich takes Vasiliss home.

Nesmeyana the Princess

Nesmeyana, the princess, resides in the royal chambers and never smiles, does not laugh. The king promises to marry Nesmeyan to someone who can cheer her up. Everyone tries to do it, but nobody succeeds.

And on the other end of the kingdom there lives an employee. His master is a kind man. At the end of the year he puts a bag of money in front of the employee: “Take as much as you want!” And he takes only one money, and that drops into the well. He works for a master for another year. At the end of the year, the same thing happens, and again the poor worker drops his money into the water. And in the third year he takes a coin, goes to the well and sees: the two previous money have surfaced. He takes them and decides to see the white light. A mouse, a bug and a catfish with a big mustache are begging him for money. The worker remains again with nothing. He comes to the city, sees Nesmeyanu-the princess in the window and falls into the mud before her eyes. At once are the mouse, the bug and the catfish: they help, the dress is removed, the boots are cleaned. The princess, laughing at their services, laughs. The king asks who is the cause of laughter. The princess points to the worker.

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Russian folk fairy tales in brief