Composition about a girlfriend

The closest of all my girlfriends is Karina. We have been friends with her since childhood and have been sitting at one desk for many years. We see each other not only at school, but often go out and visit each other.

Karina is younger than me for 5 months, she is a little taller than me and very slender. She has long blond hair, large blue eyes and a small, snub nose. Her voice is pleasant and gentle, she sings beautifully. Karina is beautifully dressed, has an interesting style.

We are never bored together. Karina is a very interesting person. She is a cheerful and good-natured girl, always cheerful, able to support and cheer up even at the most sad moment. We like to watch funny films, discuss interesting books and listen to funny music. Karina has a universal charisma, has a unique method of thinking, knows how to find a common language with any stranger, and most importantly delicately keeps the line between communication and playfulness. She always knows how to listen,

and when necessary – to remain silent.

We are very good friends, we never deceive each other and do not tell anyone our secrets. We spend a lot of time together, communicate, laugh, and rejoice. When I was sick, Karina visited me every day and brought me fruits and vitamins. I will never forget her kindness and care.

Sometimes we quarrel, but not a day passes, as we are already trying to reconcile. We are the best friends, and it’s not at all interesting for us to sit at home and build grievances against each other. We immediately make peace and laugh at the fact that they quarreled because of what. We are in many respects similar: we look at the world equally, we have common interests, we value in people the mind, kindness and honesty, we always help each other.

About friendship there are many poems, songs and legends. Thanks to friendship, we can show the best features of our character. They say that a friend is known in trouble – that’s the way it is. Only when you feel bad, do you understand how many friends you have, who helped you, and who threw at the most difficult moment. So, Karina did not leave me when I was ill, but I always helped her in a difficult moment. Friendship must be protected, because without friends a person can not live, life becomes boring and uninteresting.

I’m very happy that I have such a friend, and I hope that our friendship will never fade.

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Composition about a girlfriend