How my mom and I went to harvest hay

In the summer, my mother and I went to the village to harvest hay. We drove by bus. Then they walked five kilometers on foot.

We went out into the meadow. Near the forest. Near him, thickets of sedge interspersed with daisies, dandelions and bells. The flowers seemed to bow to us. Near the meadow there is a river. I wanted to bathe, but the water was cloudy with rain. The meadow looked like a carpet, and this carpet went off into the distance. In the meadow in the dents from the tracks of the tractor, water ran out, small grooves turned out. Frogs jumped out from under their feet, and flies and flies were hovering overhead.

Finally we came to the place of mowing. The tractor was pulling the mowing machine, and behind it the grass lay flat with a green stripe. We got a rake and a pitchfork. I raked the grass in heaps, and my mother grabbed her with pitchfork and formed stacks. We worked well! Then we had lunch, and I ran to the river to bathe. The water was still unclear, but much cleaner.

Then we set off on the return journey. We walked through the village. Everything here was interesting to me.

We arrived home tired, but pleased. I saw and learned a lot on this wonderful day.

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How my mom and I went to harvest hay