Composition on the theme “Woman”

For a long time, the problem of relations between a man and a woman was solved with the help of national traditions, upbringing, religious beliefs, etc. And life itself seemed to suggest how these relations should develop: Adam plowed, Eve spun. The woman always had a house, children. A man should get food for every day.

And centuries passed, and everything became much more complicated. Now the woman does not limit her activities only to her family. She aspires to make a career as a scientist, leader, and often she does it not worse than a man. It turned out that a modern woman can be not only charming, educated, educated, but also able to perform traditionally male work intellectually, and in some cases she was more reserved, diplomatic and at the same time more focused. It would seem that this should be rejoice. Still, serious questions remain. After all, the woman had and has a grand role – to give birth and bring up children.

Men are not in a hurry to put a shoulder

even in what they could do to help a woman – in the household and raising children. And the modern woman who decided to work, found herself in a very difficult situation: she works both at work and at home, and also children on her conscience and shoulders. Men deny: for all it is necessary to pay, for career and self-realization of the person too. Only a distant cold mind can argue. In life, this contradiction has solutions. It lies in the sphere of human relations of those who were united in the family by a sincere feeling of love and respect. Then the scanty calculations disappear, who went to the grocery store many times, took out the garbage. Everything is decided in favor of the family. Is an idyll possible? Unfortunately, not so often.

Apparently, more than one decade will be needed to rebuild traditional ideas about the role of men and women in society, in the family. And is there always a need for this! It is enough to listen to the opinion of those women who consider the upbringing of worthy children in the family, the creation of family comfort and peace the highest goal of their lives. It’s

not at all easy. And along this path a woman has to not only obey and tolerate, but also to be consistent, patient, persevering. The woman has always been the keeper of the family hearth, the soul of the family. So should we abandon this role? Every woman understands that without a family, without love, without children, the life of even the most successful woman is empty. Happiness is a very complex concept, but the family always belonged to its constituent parts. Consequently, every woman and every man in society has to make his choice. But remember that from this choice, in the end, depend not only the life of two people, but the whole life on earth.

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Composition on the theme “Woman”