Summary of “Vassa Zheleznova” Gorky

Vassa Borisovna Zheleznova is an influential woman, she owns a large steamship company. She is 42 years old, she lives in her own house with her sixty-year-old husband Sergei Petrovich, a former captain, a lover of cognac and women. They have two daughters, Natalia and Lyudmila, who live with them in the house, and the son of Fyodor. He lives with his wife Rachelleigh children abroad. In the house there lives another brother of the landlady, Prokhor Borisovich Khrapov, carefree and drinking man. From the servants in the house there live a young secretary Vassy Anna, who perfectly copes with the role of the domestic spy, and the lyrical Lisa.

As the lodgers in the house live the father and son Melnikov. The father-member of the district court, and the younger Evgeny – the cadet, he gives Natalia attention signs, she accepts them, but more from boredom. After Liza, sailor Pyaterkin looks after, entertains her with songs and dances in secret hope of getting rich by marrying

her. Sergei Petrovich spent his whole life walking and leading dissolute girls. His daughters saw it all from childhood, on the impressionable Lyudmila all this had a bad effect – she grew up mentally feeble, unable to learn. And this is the result of a dissolute life: Sergei Petrovich is accused of seducing a minor. Now he faces penal servitude. Vassa is sure that nobody will marry her daughters because of this, and she offers her husband the only reasonable way she can avoid the trial – suicide.

When Sergei Petrovich refused, his wife poisoned him. For the sake of their children and their business Vassagotov, go for anything. When the maid Lisa bore from Khrapova and gossips in a bath, it was concealed, telling everyone that she had turned red. And her grandson Kolya Vassa hid in the village from her own mother. The hostess decided to make the boy his heir, because he is the only one in the family who will be able to manage the steamship company. She wrote off fifty thousand for her daughters, and she believes that there are many of them. And so, when Fyodor became very ill and live for two or three

months, Rachelle comes. The mother-in-law at once says that she will not give the child to her, and if Rachelle insists, she will give it to the police. Rachel is a socialist revolutionary, she is wanted, and therefore she came illegally. Kolya’s mother was thinking of sending her to live abroad to her sister, because she did not want to,

Natalia suggested that Rachel steal her son, said that it is impossible to leave him here. Prokhor Khrapov, in order to prick his sister, supported this idea, even offered to involve Pyaterkin. Anna overheard this conversation and reported everything to the hostess. She ordered the secretary to go abroad with Natalia, take the letter to Fedor, and if everything is very bad, then wait for his death. But first she must inform the gendarmes of Rachelle. While Anna was away for tea, Vassa became ill.

Returning, the secretary found the lifeless mistress, quickly pulled her keys from the safe and, taking the money, ran out. The death of the hostess was shocked only poor Lyudmila, the rest reacted to this without much emotion. Prokhor Khrapov said that now he is a guardian of minors, and climbed into the safe. So unexpectedly and absurdly ended the life of the rich and powerful mistress of the steamship company.

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Summary of “Vassa Zheleznova” Gorky