Happiness in human life

It seems to me that first of all it is necessary to find yourself, to believe in yourself, to make sure that from you a person will turn out, and only then will you be able to find your place in life, your happiness. And what is happiness?

Happiness is simple and difficult. Happiness is to be an indispensable, necessary person, it is to love life, people, your future profession. Happiness is a bird that you want to catch, but it is not given, flies away, rises higher and higher. You can make mistakes, stumble, fall. But the main thing is to be in motion. My biggest dream is not to be mediocre in life. I do not agree to be mediocre. I want to choose a profession that I like so that the work brings me joy. In this I see happiness. Every person has his own idea of ​​happiness. What is happiness for me? It’s to know that they love me. Time is running. much is changing. We are growing up. We are going to a meeting of life. We go into life with our dreams. ideals, desires.

And in my heart there is love.

Great love for life, for people, the desire to give them joy, favor, happiness. Happiness is to live under a peaceful sky and a bright sun. Happiness is all the most – the most that can bring happiness and joy to people

In my opinion, sixteen years is the age when a person has already said goodbye to a carefree childhood, but only begins to enter adulthood. This is a difficult time of breaking character and destiny for everyone. My contemporaries and me are not sixteen and not sixteen. We are experiencing a difficult period of growing up in the moral and physical sense. Yes, it’s freer now than it was ten years ago, but you can not release vices. It is unforgivable to pour to the immature souls of teenagers the slops of adult souls.

Adults should not act on the principle of “maybe grow up.” A beautiful and hardy flower will not give the world its fragrance if it is not taken care of. It will wither.

But much depends on the person himself. Despite the difficult situation, there are not so few people I know who can say: “I’m already sixteen, I’m going to this world with a certain amount of knowledge and skills, but I’m still only sixteen, I have many days ahead, which I will spend with advantage for themselves, their future family, their Motherland. ” I hope for them. And I believe that my happiness will not pass me by. I will fight for it. I’ll definitely get it.

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Happiness in human life