Geographical position of Antarctica. Discovery and research

1. What are the features of the geographical position of Antarctica?

To determine the peculiarities of the geographical position of Antarctica, study the political and physical maps of the world. Set the position of the continent in relation to the equator, the initial meridian, the Southern Circle and the South Pole. On the political map, determine that Antarctica does not belong to any of the countries of the world and has an international status. Especially on this continent, it was decided to jointly study the unique natural features of the continent by twelve interested in this country in the world. A significant contribution to the study of the nature of the continent was made by Russian researchers.

2. Who and when discovered Antarctica and what significance did it have for her research?

Antarctica was discovered in 1820 by FF Bellingshausen and MP Lazarev during the First Russian Antarctic Expedition. The discovery of the southern continent near the South

Pole outside the South Polar Circle was an outstanding achievement in the study of the Earth.

3. Who and when did you reach the South Pole?

The South Pole was reached in 1911, 90 years after the discovery of Antarctica. For the first time on the pole visited the Norwegian Rual Amundsen and the Englishman Robert Scott. Scott went to the pole a month later than Amundsen and died on the way back. The exploit of brave researchers remained forever in the history of studying our planet.

4. When did the comprehensive study of Antarctica begin and what is the role of the Soviet and Russian polar explorers?

Comprehensive study of Antarctica began within the framework of the International Geophysical Year. One of the leading places in this work belonged to Soviet polar explorers, who organized research stations on the coast and inland regions of the continent. During the research a large scientific material was collected, the first domestic atlas of Antarctica was created.

Study the map of Antarctica in the atlas. Count the icons indicating the places of discovery and subsequent study of Antarctica from various research stations belonging to different countries. From the total number of scientific stations, select the stations where the Russian researchers of the continent work, apply these stations to the contour map.

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Geographical position of Antarctica. Discovery and research