Australia is the only state on the mainland

On the mainland there is a single state – Australia. It is a highly developed country that occupies a whole continent. It is located far from Europe, but technological progress in the field of communication and transport has brought it closer to other countries.

Currently, 20.1 million people live in Australia. The bulk of the population are immigrants from the UK. Aborigines make up only 160 thousand people. After the Second World War, people from other European countries, including Ukraine, began to come to Australia for permanent residence. The population is extremely uneven across the territory. Its average density is the lowest in the world – 2.6 people / km2, most people live in the southeast and south-west, where natural conditions are most conducive to life. Deserts and semi-deserts are almost non-populated. Australians are mostly residents of cities. The largest cities are Sydney and Melbourne. The capital of the country is Canberra.

The country is well developed mining of minerals, metallurgical, chemical industry, engineering. Many enterprises producing food products, clothing, cars, various equipment.

In the southeastern and southwestern regions, wheat, sugarcane, cattle, sheep, and sheep are grown in arid regions. According to the sheep and wool, Australia ranks first in the world. Agriculture Australia provides the population with wool, meat, skin, oil, cheese, wheat, cane sugar, fruits, some of the produce is exported.

Trade agreements between Australia and Ukraine are concluded. Australia imports food products and agriculture products to Ukraine, Ukraine sells engineering products to Australia.

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Australia is the only state on the mainland