Geographic patterns

1. What are the specific patterns of location on the Earth: a) temperatures; b) precipitation; c) plants and animals.

The patterns of location on Earth of temperatures, precipitation, plants and animals are associated with the geographical law of zoning. When moving from the equator to the poles, the conditions for obtaining heat and moisture by the Earth’s surface and, consequently, combinations of the plant and animal world change.

2. At the basis of the law of the integrity of the geographical envelope lies the interchange of matter and energy, carried out with the help of cycles. Show this on the example of the water cycle.

You have already become acquainted with the water cycle in nature. In carrying out this task, use your knowledge about evaporation and condensation. Water can be in liquid, gaseous and solid state. The transition from one state to another during the cycle occurs with the absorption or release of energy. In more detail, you will get acquainted

with the following classes.

3. On the example of the Chernobyl disaster or atmospheric pollution, prove the integrity of the geographical envelope.
The explosion of a nuclear reactor in Chernobyl initially contaminated the atmosphere, and then the hydrosphere, lithosphere and, finally, all living things – plants, animals, people were contaminated. Many of those who participated in the elimination of this man-made disaster, have already died, and those who are alive are seriously ill.

4. In which natural zone the seasonal rhythm is most weakly expressed? How is this explained? In which areas is it manifested most sharply?

The manifestation of seasonal rhythm in different natural zones depends on their geographical location. In the temperate zone, seasonality is more pronounced than in the equatorial belt, where it is difficult to distinguish one season from another.

5. You know that on Earth there were periods of warming and cooling. What do you think, in what period do we live?

Currently there is a warming period, the average temperatures are gradually increasing.

This can lead to a global catastrophe associated with the melting of glaciers, which has already begun.

6. What is the essence of the geographical law of zoning?

The essence of the geographical law of zonality has already been mentioned several times. Try to formulate this law yourself.

7. What do you think, what is the zonality law in the mountains?

Zoning in the mountains is manifested in the form of high-altitude zonality.

8. What factors, other than zonal, operate in nature?

In addition to zoning, the azonality factor also acts in nature, under which the zonality law is violated. Azonality manifests itself in the structure of the earth’s crust.

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Geographic patterns