“His people – we shall be counted” Ostrovsky in the brief maintenance

The merchant’s daughter in marriage, Olympia Samsonovna Bolshova, sits alone at the window with a book and, arguing “what a pleasant experience these dances”, begins to waltz: she has not danced for a year and a half and is afraid, if anything, to “get embarrassed.”

Dancing badly. The mother, Agrafena Kondratyevna, enters: “No light dawn, not having eaten the bread of God, and for dancing at once!” Mother and daughter scandal, apparently, habitually: “All the friends with my husbands long ago, and I like an orphan! Hear, find me the groom, always find it! I already cough like a fly! “

The matchmaker Ustinya Naumovna comes. Lipochka wants to groom “noble”, his father – a wealthy, his mother – a merchant, “but to the forehead baptized in the old” Come Sysoy Psoich Rispolozhensky, solicitor, was kicked out of court for drunkenness. Tear over it. But the owner, Bolshov, who came to the

house, needs a solicitor seriously: he is considering whether to appear as an insolvent debtor. The women leave, and the landlord and the solicitor go into this topic. The solicitor advises you to rewrite all the property to the clerk of Lazar Elizarych Podhalyuzin. He also enters, telling how he teaches sellers in a shop to inflate buyers “more natural.”

Bolshov is reading the newspaper. In Moscow – a chain of bankruptcies, mostly, apparently – “malicious”, intentional; and each, each refusal to pay debts naturally entails the following. “Yes that they, have conspired, whether that! .. Here they you will not count…” And the merchant dares. The main question: is it possible to trust the person to whom you rewrite your goods, to hide from the inventory for debts?

Podhaljuzin sends the boy Tishka for the ryabinovka for Rispolozhensky, to whom he has business, and surrenders to thoughts aloud. “I am a poor man, and if I use anything in this business as something superfluous, so there is no sin, because he himself is against the law!” Lazarus is

in love with Lipochka and is already building new plans, including marrying her: “Yes, it’s possible to jump from such a pleasure from Ivan the Great.”

And, while treating the solicitor, he asks how Bolshakov promised him for “all this mechanics”, and he himself promises not one thousand, but two.

A matchmaker arrives, he and she promise the same and a sable fur coat in addition – “out of living co-ed” – if she will scare off the already planned “noble” groom: let him tell him that Bolshov is ruined. Bolshov himself arrives home, in a house of panic by mistake: it seemed that he was “intoxicated”. Lazarus starts a conversation with him about marriage – he does not turn it on straight, but when he heard for the third time that Lipochka was a “young lady, which is not in the light” Bolshov takes the bull by the horns. Lazarus is modest: “Where am I with the cloak of a sword-with?” “Nothing is cloth.” Snout like a snout. ” Of course, to translate more good not to the clerk, but to the future son-in-law – in the interests of Bolshov.

The house is preparing for matchmaking. In his own way, Samson Silych is in a solemn mood, but Ustinya Naumovna appears with bad news: the bridegroom allegedly is being naughty. “Ah, the frog of his imprisonment, shall we not find another?” “Well, do not look for another, or else it will be the same again.” I’ll find something else for you, “says Bolshov himself and knows what he is saying.

The housekeeper Fominishna, Rispolozhensky, Lazar are joining the company, and Bolshov solemnly announces Lazarus as the groom. Trouble. Lypochka just scandals. “Velye, so you’ll come out for the janitor!” – Sucks to daughter Bolshov. “You have a son-in-law of someone who respects you, and that means you’ve been resting your old age-you can not find me with your age.” You, mama, remember this word, what I just said, “Lazar says to the hostess and, face to face with an angry little Lipochka, informs her that the house and the shops are now his, but “your little one’s: bankrut-s! What are they doing with me?” They were brought up, brought up, and then went bankrupt! ” And Lipochka, after a pause, agrees, with the condition: “We will live on their own, and they are on their own.” We will lead everything in fashion, and they like it. ” They immediately call “them” and the family celebration begins. And Bolshov declares: “You, Lazar, the house and the shops will go instead of the dowry, and we will count from the cash, only us and the old woman, and the creditors pay ten kopecks.” “Is it worth talking about, my darling?” Celebration in full swing. The matchmaker pours wine over the collar to the attorney.

Initial remarks last action “. The house is richly furnished living Podhalyuzinyh Olympics Samsonovna sitting by the window in a luxury position, her silk blouse, a cap style Podhalyuzin latest in fashionable coat standing in front of a mirror.”. The couple enjoys happiness. Lipa asks to buy a thousand stroller. Lazarus is ready. Lipa says a French compliment. Lazarus is delighted. Ustinya Naumovna comes for the promised. “I do not know what I promised!” – Svakha Podhaluzin directly says, and she leaves with a hundred pieces of paper instead of the promised thousands and an unimportant dress from Lypochka instead of a sable. “They’ve let out a little ditch from the pit,” Lipochka snapped at the window. “Well, no, they will not let me out of the pit in a poke soon, but we must assume that he got home like that” – and Lazar calls his mother-in-law.

Bolshov had previously complained of health; “as if from the other world a native” – ​​wives wife. He wants to give creditors twenty-five kopecks for a ruble of debt, as he himself intended at the beginning. Those agree. But sit Bolshov, and decide Podhalyuzin: now money is his. And he refuses at full Lipochkin support. “I can not help you,” says God, “I can not, sir!” “Help me, children, help me!” I lived with you, my boy, until I was twenty-I did not see the light. go back to dresses in cotton dresses again? “” What are you, what are you, come to your senses, for I do not beg for you, but for my own good! “” We, my boy, told you that we can not give more than ten kopecks – about this there is nothing “. This is Lipochko the last word. “After all, I’m malicious – intentional… they’ll send me to Siberia.”

“It’s awkward-with! Tishka! Give me an old frock coat, which is no worse.” Podhalyuzin decides to go himself to bargain with creditors. Is Rispolozhensky, like the matchmaker, for the promised money, and they treat him like a matchmaker, and even worse: “They must, too, must! As if he had a document! And what for – fraud!” “No, wait! You will not get rid of me! “” And what will you do with me? “” My tongue is not sold. “” Well, do you want to lick me, do you want me? “” No, do not lick, but – I… I that’s what I’ll do: the most respectable public! “” What are you, what are you, wake up! “” Look, you’re drunk with your eyes! ” Ryspolozhensky climbs straight into the auditorium with shouts: “The test is robbed! And he robs me… Wife, four children, thin boots!” But the last word and here – for Podhalyuzin: “You do not believe him, it’s him that he said-with, it’s all lies. Nothing of the kind happened. It must have dreamed him. But we open the store: welcome! A small child will send – in the bulb we will not count. “

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“His people – we shall be counted” Ostrovsky in the brief maintenance