Summary “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” by Andersen

Texts of fairy tales seem to the child something kind in any case. Only with age, when a person grows up, he fancies that fairy tales are not really children’s works, but very much even adults, philosophical and profound. Of course, it is very important and how this or that story is submitted. Today we will talk about the product “The Steadfast Tin Soldier”. The summary is waiting for the reader in this article.

“Wrong” tin soldier

The story begins with (if you omit the author’s entry) that a boy from a well-to-do family is presented with a box of tin soldiers for his birthday. There are only 25. And the latter was a little unlucky: there was not enough tin, and so it turned out to be one-legged. Even for those stingy descriptions that the author leaves, the reader understands that the soldier is very upset because of his dissimilarity in others. And now, about a miracle! In the room he sees a ballerina of heavenly beauty. Angel, not

a ballerina. And surprisingly, she also stands on one leg.

Here we need to interrupt the story about the work “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” (the brief content of which is in the focus of our attention) and say: the ballerina, of course, was not alone, she raised her other leg so high that the soldier simply did not notice her.

The servant hid behind the snuffbox on the table and watched the girl from his hiding place. She did not see him, he was watching her vigilantly. At night, when people were already sleeping, the toys began to have fun. Not moved only two – a soldier and a ballerina.

The gloomy prophecy of the troll

Suddenly a troll jumped out of the snuffbox, where no tobacco had ever been kept, and began to harass the soldier, that he was not so good for such a beautiful ballerina. The military did not listen. Then the troll threatened him that in the morning with a lover there would be something terrible. At this point, the works of “Steadfast Tin Soldier” (brief content, hopefully, gives it a feeling), the reader’s heart stops, he asks himself: “What

will happen to the poor warrior?”

The Torture of the Tin Soldier

The child found a soldier in the morning and put it on the window. It accidentally opened, and the soldier fell out. It is not known whether the troll was involved or not. The boy and the nurse ran out into the street, but no matter how much they searched, they could not find it. Meanwhile it began to rain. No, it’s even a downpour. The boy left. Other street children found a tin brave (after all, he had not lost his spirit for all this time) and let him in a paper boat through a groove. At that time the children clapped their hands and shouted. The hero of the same work “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” (the brief content slowly moves to the finale) was not to laugh. After all, for him, the groove is a whole river, and this river was heading for the waterfall – a large canal. In addition, he met a rat in his path. She asked him for some reason a passport or pass, But the rapid flow of water carried the soldier away from the Toothy. The ship began to sink, and with it a soldier. Then the darkness swallowed him, but it was not death, but only the belly of the fish.

The vicissitudes of fate

Further, we outline the dotted line. The soldier took a cook from the fish’s belly. The fish, of course, was caught and hit the market, and then to the kitchen. And an amazing thing: the traveler was in the same house. He was put in the same place. True, the joy of a brave man was short-lived. One of the children who were in the house (the smallest boy) picked him up and threw him into the stove. Of course, he was persuaded by the troll, but this is not easier.

What happened to the hero further, it’s easy to guess – he melted. This scene is well described by Andersen. “Steadfast Tin Soldier” – a work that is worth reading only in full, especially since it is small. But the author leaves the most dramatic moment in the end.

The ballerina, obeying the sudden gust of wind, goes to the stove for the hero. Lovers (now you can already say so) are dying hand in hand. Probably, the soldier was not afraid and it’s not painful to die next to his beloved.

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Summary “The Steadfast Tin Soldier” by Andersen