Very controversial experiences caused me the story of Edgar Poe “Froggy”. The protagonist of the story is a dwarf and a cripple, a court jester. For a funny jumping gait, he was nicknamed the Frog. At the court of the stupid and cruel king there was one more dwarf – the graceful dancer Trippet, who was distinguished by her lovely disposition and perfect beauty. Beauty Trypitta and freak Frog friends and became inseparable, because they felt alone among the rest of the court.

The king was a big fan of jokes. One day he decided to arrange a carnival and ordered the dwarfs to come to him. He demanded from Fugushonk some new unexpected joke, an unusual role for himself and his ministers. While the Frog was pondering, the cruel king mocked him, forcing him to drink a wine that was hated by a dwarf. When Tripetta stood up for her poor friend, an angry king insulted her, punching hard and splashing wine into his face. The hot heart of the Frog could not stand such a

grudge, and, dreadfully gritting his teeth, the dwarf decided to take revenge on the king and his ministers for all the suffering.

The Frog offered the king and his ministers to play a masquerade in the game of “eight chained orangutans.” To do this, it was necessary to smear the entire royal company with tar, cover it with a layer of hemp and fasten it tightly with a long chain. The appearance of them in this form at the festival was to scare the guests to death. The king gladly accepted the dwarf’s offer.

Everything happened as predicted by the Frog. The appearance on the masquerade of the king and his seven advisers in such a disguised form made a real stir among the guests. While the frightened guests realized that the appearance of the “eight chained orangutans” is only a joke, the dwarf picked up the chain on the hook from the chandelier, and the “orangutans” hung helplessly in the air. Without losing time, the Frog raised the flaming torch to the costumes, and soon all eight offenders were seized by the flames. Thus the king and his advisers ended their lives


After the execution of the fire vengeance, the Frog and Tripetta disappeared, and no one else saw them.

This story – about a small proud ugly dwarf, who found the strength and courage to mercilessly take revenge on the offenders. For offending the weak, the king and his advisers paid with their lives. But I’m not sure that this is the most correct way of revenge, because, by and large, the abusers did not even have time to repent of their crimes, they did not realize them. Probably, Frog was very sensitive to his weakness, since he chose just such a punishment. He defended his girlfriend, but did as cruelly as his former abusers. I want to learn how to always make the right choice and find the right way out of the conflict.

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