What seems relevant today at Moliere? How is it modern?

The works of Jean-Baptiste Moliere in spirit are very close to the Russian people. Moliere knew that comedy art touches his contemporaries more and deeper than tragedy. His life credo was – “entertaining, to teach.”

Moliere always led the struggle to establish his plays on stage. In them he portrayed the most diverse inhabitants of France. Priests, nobles, teachers, virgins for marriage, writers and actors – all appeared before the audience. But the reactions in the auditorium were very different: some were delighted, others raged, demanded to ban the play, destroy its author.

Satire Moliere, directed against human vices, against hypocrites, miser and liars, has become immortal. He despised and ridiculed people deliberately vicious.

Thanks to the fact that Moliere communicated with people from different estates, he observed the life of ordinary people in villages and cities, on the streets and fairs, he understood them well. In his works he depicted contemporaries, their way of life and customs, which he was well known for.

Moliere shows eternal characters close to us. Such characters were then, they are now. All the Moliere heroes exist now in our lives, and they will always be. In tens and hundreds of years Moliere will be modern.

He unobtrusively suggests the ideal of a reasonable, tidy and moderate person.

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What seems relevant today at Moliere? How is it modern?