Friendship is a great power

Great power is friendship. What is its strength, you ask?

First, a true friend will never let you down, help you in a difficult moment. If I forgot my textbook or pen at home, a loyal friend will always help me out, share my.

Secondly, a friend will listen to me in a difficult moment, when someone has offended me, will support me. One day, an eleventh-year-old never punched me for anything. I could not answer him, because he was stronger than me. My heart was sick and disgusting, and my friend Misha reassured me, talked to me. I was so grateful to him! And Misha is always confident that I will listen, help with advice if it hurts and bad.

Thirdly, friends together can turn mountains! Any business to me on the shoulder, when a friend is close – because he will certainly help me. I remember that somehow I did not have time to do the necessary work in labor lessons, and my friend had already done it. So he began to help me. We were on time, and I did not get a bad evaluation!

That’s why I’m sure that friendship is a great power!

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Friendship is a great power