Forest description

The charm of the fading autumn pore was described by many poets and prose writers, there is at this time of the year some special, slightly sad, romance that pushes reflection. However, one should not think that autumn is an exceptionally dreary phenomenon that accompanies only continuous doji and cold snap. After all, in addition to “wet and slushy autumn” there is also everyone’s favorite “golden autumn”.

In order to enjoy the farewell occasionally and admire the last bright colors in anticipation of the white winter, it’s worth going to the forest.

Autumn forest is an amazing sight! All around pushes to the idea that nature is an artist, at the disposal of which there were only colors of two colors – yellow and red. The trees have not yet completely dumped the dead foliage and stand, bordered by the crowns of the setting sun. If you stop for a minute and stop shuming your boots on the orange veil, you can hear that the forest

is filled with thousands of sounds. This is a farewell “concert” of bird voices, the bustling rustling of insects and other small inhabitants, the breeze of the last warm wind. Very soon the forest will plunge into a winter slumber and it will be enveloped by a ringing frosty silence.

If you are careful, you can see the nests left by the birds on the branches. Most of the feathered forest dwellers gathered in packs and went to warmer regions, waiting for the cold. Occasionally, among the scarlet foliage, a little yellow bilberry will flutter or a distant knocking of a woodpecker will be heard in the distance – these forest birds remain to spend the winter with us. It will be a great luck to see a jay, wood grouse or black grouse, and you will not meet wintering owls during the day, even if you really want to.

If you go to a large clearing, you can admire the beautiful natural herbarium. Forest grasses, untouched by the wind or man, froze in silent expectation. Dry and lifeless, they faded and scattered seeds on the soil for a long time, and now sadly rustled underfoot. The moss-thrown seeds warm themselves under a layer of snow, so that, with the coming of spring, a new, juicy-green carpet of motley grass grows. But now there are no more green shades in the autumn forest, all of it blazes with bright fire of foliage.

Returning from a walk home, be sure to bring autumn souvenirs: a fallen acorn, a carved maple leaf. May winter symbols remind you of a forest that sleeps and dreams about the spring sun, young grass and returning birds.

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Forest description