Everyday life in the Moscow state. Description of the house, clothes, shoes, food

Princes and boyars lived in mansions, townspeople – in houses of wooden logs. The poor were huddled in shacks without windows.

In the house there was certainly a massive stove, often painted. She baked bread and cooked food. Glass windows first appeared in the XIV-XV centuries. in Moscow and Novgorod, and then only in the richest houses. The dwelling was illuminated by a beacon, more rarely – by oil lamps and very rarely by greasy or wax candles.

The yard was surrounded by a hedge with a gate and gate and consisted of a house and utility rooms. Almost every yard had a garden and a garden.

Simple people wore clothes from a rough canvas, noble and prosperous merchants – from expensive imported fabrics. The fabric was painted in different colors.

The main part of men’s and women’s clothes was a shirt, which eventually became linens. Men were dressed in a long gray coat, caftan, zipun, sarafan, long sleeveless cloak. Women wore a

sarafan, an airplane, a quilted jacket, a jugglery. Noble ladies preferred clothes with veneer sleeves, which sometimes dragged along the ground. For physical work such clothes were unsuitable, which was reflected in the winged expression “to work through the sleeves”, that is, somehow. The prestigious clothes of the nobles and rich men were a fur coat. The outer clothing was pulled together by a belt, to which was attached a leather purse – a purse.

Men wore hats, women covered their hair with a handkerchief, the girls walked with their heads uncovered.

Townsmen wore leather boots or boots, and peasants – bast shoes from bast.

Men wore long hair on their heads. Beard by the XVI century. not necessarily worn even by priests. The girls opened their hair or braided them into a thick, long braid.

They ate mostly rye or wheat bread, dishes from cereals and vegetables, fruits, and forest gifts. Meat dishes were not abused, especially as they often had to fast. Food was also fish, cow’s milk, cheese, butter, honey. They drank bread kvass, beer, honey drinks, imported wines, vodka. They did not eat breakfast, but ate well at lunch and in the evening. The main dishes were a pot and a bowl, a spoon and a knife. The dishes were mostly wooden.

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Everyday life in the Moscow state. Description of the house, clothes, shoes, food