“Rider without a head” is a fascinating adventure, mystery and love drama novel by American writer Mein Reed. During my time at school, I read

… Baudelaire, I’m thinking about you. P. Antokolsky For many generations of readers, the French poet Charles Baudelaire remains a lonely dreamer, a romantic ghost

What complex and ambiguous feelings caused in me the story of P. Mérimée “Mateo Falcone”! Following the severe code of honor of Corsica, the protagonist

Throughout the entire time of human existence, human activity was characterized by a consumer attitude toward nature. I believe that if we continue to squander

The creative evolution of RM Rilke reflects the general logic of the development of literature at the end of the nineteenth and the first third

The creative development of the writer was influenced by the classics of literature of the 19th century: C. Dickens, G. Kleist, G. Flaubert, F. Dostoyevsky,

I, like many others, suffer from bad habits. The habits of gnawing at fingernails, tattooing the earlobe, stooping, fidgeting in the chair, shuffling with walking,