Headless horseman

Headless horseman

“Rider without a head” is a fascinating adventure, mystery and love drama novel by American writer Mein Reed.

During my time at school, I read many interesting books. But the “Headless Horseman” is my favorite work. Its author is the writer Mein Reed, who lived in the nineteenth century. He was an Englishman, but in his novel he tells of the American state of Texas and its inhabitants.

I liked the book very much. There are many terrible and horrible episodes in it. You read it – and it’s like watching a horror film. But a lot in the work of Mine Reed and pleasant, joyful moments. For example, love.

The main characters of the novel are Maurice Gerald and Louise Poindexter.

Maurice is a Mustang. He’s brave, strong and determined.

This young man can tame any Mustang, even the most obstinate. He is also noble, honest and never makes meanness and dirty tricks.

Of course, in such a hero, also beautiful, falls in love with Louise – the daughter of the rich planter Woodley Poindexter. The girl thinks that Maurice is poor, but it does not seem to her an obstacle. After all, money – not the main thing, and most importantly – love. And the Mustang also falls in love with Louise.

But the happiness of lovers is hampered by negative characters and their black feelings: envy, jealousy, anger… The main negative character of the novel is Louise’s cousin Captain Cassius Calhoun. He loves his cousin and dreams of marrying her, and yet she gave her heart to another… And this terribly angers Calhoun. He wants to take revenge on the opponent and is even ready to kill him.

First, the captain pestered the Mustang and started a duel. But it does not give anything, because both heroes were still alive, although they were wounded. Then Kolhoun decides on the worst thing – to kill. He tracks down Maurice and cuts off his head. But that’s just not him, but Louise’s brother Henry. To his cousin.

It happened by accident. After all, Henry and Maurice exchanged clothes as a sign of their friendship. And

Cassius thought he was killing Maurice. And when he realized his mistake, he tried to convince everyone that the murderer of the sweet Henry was Gerald.

And many people believed him. But not Louise! After all, in her heart beat a loving heart, but it can not lie.

Almost to the very end of the novel it was not clear what would happen to the protagonists. Will Maurice prove his innocence? I was very worried about him and for Louise. But, thank God, in the world there is a real friendship! And friend of Mustang Zeb Stump came to the aid of a friend.

The truth is clear. Everyone has learned that the headless rider that people were so afraid of is the unhappy Henry Poindexter. And he was killed by Cousin Calhoun. And Maurice is not to blame.

Colhoun did not want to give up to the last, so he, too, can be called brave. And for this it can be respected, if only not for his evil qualities. When Maurice was acquitted, the captain tried to shoot him directly in court. But only on the chest of the Mustang was a medallion, which was presented to him by Louise. And the bullet did not hit the heart. And then Cassius Calhoun shot himself.

The main characters were married and lived happily. They had many children. In addition, it turned out that the Mustang is a rich man.

I believe that the author of the novel wanted to show us that good always overcomes evil. True love and true friendship are very important. They are able to save a person in the most terrible situation.

So it happened with the heroes of the book “The Horseman without a Head”.
Of course, I’m very sorry for poor Henry. He is completely innocent. But still the work ended well. Louise and Maurice went through terrible trials, but stayed together. Love won, and evil was punished according to merit.

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Headless horseman