I’m a city dweller. And as a city-dweller, I’m used to the fact that I am always surrounded by comfort and civilization, I am accustomed

Strictly all Stendhal experiences his hero in love. It is in love Zhyulen Sorel, despite all attempts to turn this feeling into an instrument of

In your business card, you have to say what your name is, how old are you, what grade you are in, what your favorite subject

The novel “Fathers and Sons” by IS Turgenev was published in 1862. Since then, he continues to delight readers with his artistic merits, and the

Returning in 1822 to France, Stendhal plunges into the atmosphere of literary struggle. Official Paris met its writer unfriendly, here rumors have already come about

Every morning people start from work. The school boy sits at the desk, the driver climbs into the cabin, the worker gets to the machine.