I. Turgenev’s novel “Fathers and Sons” was completed in 1862. In this work, the writer touched upon profound political, philosophical and aesthetic problems, captured real

The protagonist of the novel by Charles D. Dickens “David Copperfield” in his youth consistently finds himself in two educational institutions, strikingly different from each

The fairy tale of Exupery “The Little Prince” can teach a lot to a thoughtful reader, for each chapter in it is a kind of

Sometimes, in the centuries, the poet’s biography is lost – but books remain. It happened with Homer and Nizami, Confucius and Vione. Sometimes, on the

The folk art of the word – heroic epic, fairy tales, myths, legends, songs, proverbs, riddles – is called folklore, which means wisdom, knowledge. Indeed,

John Updike is a famous American novelist and journalist. During his creative career, he published twenty-eight novels and forty-five collections of prose and poems. Not

“For the person there is nothing closer and more dear than the native land…” Motherland. How many delightful memories in just a couple of words.