Composition about art

Composition about art

What effect does true art have on man? Is it able to transform it morally? The author of the text makes us think about these questions.

GI Uspensky in this text reflects on the role of art. He talks about how he accidentally went to the Louvre, saw a statue of Venus de Milo. He looked at her for a long time, as if enchanted, feeling genuine joy in himself. Something unusual happened to him at that moment. After this meeting, G. Uspensky changed a lot.

The author believes that art is morally capable of transforming a person.

I fully share the author’s point of view that art can work miracles. We have to devote more time to what surrounds us, because there is so much beauty around, but very often, being in ourselves, we do not notice it.

In the story of A. I. Kuprin “Taper” the main hero Yura Azagarov with his brilliant piano playing interested A. G. Rubinshtein. At the end of this story the reader understands. that in Jura in life everything develops well thanks to the love of art.

One of Anna Akhmatova’s poems “Solitude” is devoted to the theme of art. According to the poetess, the love of the beautiful can heal a person, lead him out of the circle of conflicting interests and passions, depression and despondency. And lead to a wonderful wise life. … So many stones are thrown at me, – That none of them is no longer terrible, And a slender tower was a trap, High, among tall towers…

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Composition about art