Summary “The daughter of Lawrence”

The trilogy covers the period from 1310 to 1349 when the plague devastated Europe reached Norway.

Father Christine came from a Swedish family, known as the Sons of Lagman. Three generations of this family lived in Norway, but at times they were reminded that they were strangers here. At the age of eighteen, Laurence, the son of Bjergulf, married Ragnfrid, daughter of Ivar. Ragnfried was three years older than her husband and had a morose temper. Three of their sons died in infancy, and when they settled in the estate of Joryungord, only Christine, a seven-year-old girl with golden hair and light gray eyes, remained alive. Then two more daughters were born – Ulvhild and Rambord. Lavrans and Ragnfried reluctantly communicated with their neighbors, and even with their relatives they saw each other no more than required decency. However, Lavrans was loved in the district: he was a man of courage and at the same time peace-loving, never offended his tenants and was good to servants.

The spouses were very devout and worshiped children in the spirit of piety. Christine was very attached to the monk Edwin – a truly holy man. Lavrans did not want to see Christine’s soul, and the girl also gave a clear preference to her father, not noticing what caused her mother’s sorrow. The consolation of Ragnfrid was Ulvhild, whom everyone considered the most beautiful of the sisters. To Rambore parents were rather indifferent. When Ulvhild went the fourth year, an accident happened – the baby was maimed by a fallen log. Fru Ochild was invited to take care of her. She was a woman of the royal family, but her people avoided her – she had a reputation as a sorceress and razluchnitsy. Ragnfried did not stop this: her mother agreed to everything, just to save Ulvhild, and broths Frouh Ochild really eased the child’s suffering. Once Fru Ochild said, that the beauty of Christine could make a beautiful pair of her nephew Erlend, the son of Niculaus of Husabu. But there is no marriage between them, because Christine Erlend is not equal.

Ulvhild remained a cripple for life, and

Kristin all became more beautiful and beautiful. When she entered the age, her parents betrothed her to Simon Darre, a young man from a venerable, well-to-do family. Simon quickly won the favor of all household members, and Kristin also got used to it. It was a happy wedding, but there was an unforeseen event. Kristin since childhood was friends with her dairy brother Arne – the son of tenant Gyurd. She realized that Arne loves her, but as a youth she did not attach any importance to this. People could get out and Arne only in the city: Before leaving, he asked Christine to go out in the evening to the forest to say goodbye, and the girl could not refuse him. When she returned home, Banein was waiting for him-the priest, who decided that one could not stand on ceremony with a girl running away from a father’s house on a date. Christine managed to fight off the bastard, and the wounded Benney began telling stories about her in the presence of Arne. When the fight broke out, Bentein took the knife first. The dead Arne was brought home, and his mother called off Christina in the death of the Son. None of his relatives, no doubt that the girl retained her honor, but Kristin was so shocked that the family council decided to postpone the marriage for a year.

Lavrans sent his daughter to a monastery in Oslo. There, Christine met Erlend, the son of Niculaus. He was already twenty-eight years old, but he looked unusually young – Christine had never seen such handsome men. In turn, Erlend was fascinated by the adorable girl. They passionately fell in love with each other. Kristin did not immediately learn about the past of her chosen one: at eighteen, Erlend got together with a married woman and took two children with her. He was outlawed, many of his relatives turned away from him, and he had to pray for a long time. Taking advantage of the inexperience of Christine, Erlend mastered it, and then they met many times in the house of the harlot Brynhild. In this vile place, Simon Darre was waiting for them. The girl angrily refused to betrothal, and Erlend swore an oath to marry her. Pitying Christine, Simon hid the details of the gap, But Lavrans still got angry. He did not want to hear about Erlend, but Ragnfried managed to soften her husband gradually. Mother guessed that Christine had lost her virginity – Lavrans, without knowing it himself, condemned her daughter to shame. Erlend decided to take Christine, but his mistress Elina tracked them down, Having made an unsuccessful attempt to poison Kristin,

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Summary “The daughter of Lawrence”