Composition on the picture Yablonska “Bread”

Tatyana Yablonskaya wrote her famous painting “Bread” in 1949. Very little time has passed since the end of the war. People rejoice at the peaceful time, the clear sky, the warm sun, and in general every little thing. They so long went to victory, that now they rejoice at each new day. The main emphasis on the picture is made on wheat grains, they are everywhere. It is from these grains that flour will be made and the peasants will be provided with bread.

In the foreground are women who lifted the skirts of skirts higher, so that they do not interfere with the work. They smile at the warm sunny day, and a large grain harvest makes them happy. Women collect bread and pour the grain into bags. A little further away are women and talk about something in the process of work. Nobody is lazy, everyone knows that thanks to a successful harvest they will not starve. Women’s feet are buried in a grain, as in molten gold, which glitters in the sun.

We’ve already

collected a lot of grain, how many bags are far away. There, men load them into cars to take them off the field to the village. A lot of people, all work together and such work is not at all a burden. People rejoice at the rich harvest and the opportunity to live peacefully and calmly. The hot sun gives its warmth, and good weather raises the mood. Grains are scattered all over the field, they store heat and sparkle in the sun’s rays.

In addition to the field in the picture there is no landscape. Only in the distance can you see a dark forest standing like a wall. The artist wanted to show that harvesting bread is not a heavy duty, because bread is the main product on every table, without it our life is impossible.

For rural people, excellent weather and a rich harvest is an occasion for joy. And the fact that the war is over makes you rejoice literally every day and no matter, the sunny or cloudy weather on the street. The work of the peasants is important, because it is he who feeds all people.

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Composition on the picture Yablonska “Bread”