Composition “What does it mean to be a person”

People often think and talk about what a person is. It is always interesting and always worries, because we are all people and live among people. Yes, everyone has different professions, classes and positions, all perform different tasks. But whomever of us was not, he, above all, a person, and only then the bearer of any social function. What is personality? What are its qualities?

To be a person means to retain the ability to navigate in a variety of knowledge and situations and be responsible for your choice, to maintain your unique “I”. The richer the world and the more complex the life situations, the more urgent the problem of freedom of choice of one’s own life position. To preserve their uniqueness, to remain themselves even in the most difficult conditions, a person can, only remaining a person

Freely and at ease feels in the modern world one who constantly learns to orientate in it, to choose for himself values ​​that correspond to personal

abilities and inclinations and do not contradict the rules of human communication. A person has great opportunities for perceiving cultural and spiritual values ​​and for his own self-improvement. To become a person, each person must constantly develop, engage in self-education. And everyone knows this and tries to understand himself, to understand himself, to comprehend himself, to comprehend his inner world. We try to compare ourselves with others, to correlate personal life with the public, our interest in the world with interest in ourselves to answer the main of the main questions: what am I? how and for what do I live? have I discovered everything in myself? Every person should educate himself.

The main thing in the spiritual culture of an individual can be considered an active, creative attitude to life: nature, society, other people, himself. To us, that comes into life, it is necessary to know that human culture should not be reduced only to erudition, erudition, although it is very important – Human culture is not difficult to evaluate. Only an active, active person can master culture, which

has revealed all of its wealth for itself. Art and Literature. traditions and customs are very instructive and their knowledge makes life easier

But there is a sign of a person’s spiritual culture, which is very important, a person’s readiness for self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice. Caring for people and striving to help them should become not only kind words, but also good deeds. Throughout life it is necessary to shape and develop in oneself the best qualities and overcome those that prevent the disclosure of the personality, its self-affirmation in the collective. Unfortunately, many believe that personal freedom is the will not to adhere to established laws and order in society. But such behavior instead of good only brings harm, and not only the person suffers, but also the people around him

In life, everything happens. Closing your eyes to its difficulties, trials, hardships can not. Each of us has to be disappointed, suffer, despair, be tormented by remorse, be guilty and be offended without reason. But you need to learn to overcome the pain of resentment and injustice and endure from the experience you learned. In overcoming difficulties, character is tempered, life experience is acquired. If a person takes possession of all this, he will be able to choose the right attitude, will distinguish the main from the secondary, will develop will power

Never forget about the eternal values. And it is very important to learn to be exacting to oneself, dedication to business, passing a duty, loyalty to friendship and confronting evil, respect for elders and serving your country. To become a person, everyone needs to look closely at themselves and in life. It is very important to cultivate the unity of words and deeds within ourselves, not to forget that any situation is a kind of school of behavior in life.

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Composition “What does it mean to be a person”