Writing is difficult to be a true friend

Is it difficult to be a true friend?

An integral part of the life of any person is a friendly relationship with someone who understands and supports him. Blood relatives, who give the first experience of interaction with the society, do not always turn out to be good friends. Many parents tend to consider the baby not just an inalienable continuation of themselves, but personal property. When excessive control and suppression of the child’s independent manifestations reach a critical level, he closes.

Having lost confidence in their relatives, it is difficult for the little man to return intimacy with them. Therefore, for true friendship, personal space, respect for the boundaries of another is absolutely necessary. This helps not to take things where people are not ready to admit or do not want, which they have every right to.

The growing personality, determining its preferences, seeks close contact with its own kind. Unlike love relationships, friendships

can arise long before the emergence of interest in the opposite sex. Disinterestedness, sincerity and empathy are one of the main foundations on which the foundation of lasting friendship is built.

The common opinion that a friend is known in trouble often loses meaning when faced with harsh reality. It happens that it is happiness that becomes a real test. Envy of others’ successes and wounded pride are capable of playing a cruel joke with people who have not been water for a while. Gradually they move away, find reasons to see as little as possible.

Honesty – as the ability to tell the truth in the eyes, even if it does not like it – is a kind of test of how much the person is capable of friendly relations. After all, they are not limited to sit-downs, reckless adventures and joint photos. The truth must be able to submit without hurting or humiliating another. But who has learned to do this, he is interested in the progress of a friend. Mutual affinity is a difficult task, but real friends will cope with it.

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Writing is difficult to be a true friend