Composition “Portrait of a Sister”

I have a little sister. Her name is Katya. She is younger than me for several years, but we have much in common with her. They say that we are similar to each other: both externally and behavior. She recently turned 3 years old. Every day she becomes more intelligent and fun. I really like to play with it.

Katya has blue eyes. Her hair is of a beautiful ash color. When I was little, I had a similar shade of hair. Katya likes to wear pigtails with beautiful hairpins, bows. Mom does her hair every morning when they gather in the kindergarten.

She recently had a birthday. Many guests gathered, congratulated everyone, gave gifts. Mom gave her a big beautiful doll, and my grandmother – a doctor’s kit. It is possible that she will become a doctor. Every day Katya learns to talk more and more, she herself devises new games, into which we then play together. We really enjoy spending time together and never being bored. We play hide and seek, catch up, we build houses in the room. I read books to her, I help to add pictures from cubes.

My little sister loves to listen to the fairy tales, verses of Agnia Barto. She already knows by heart a lot of poetry. And now we are teaching new poems for the New Year party. She listens to me with pleasure, and then repeats small quatrains. She has an excellent memory.

Katya is a real fashionista. She likes putting on mother’s dresses, shoes and spinning in front of a mirror. At the same time she says: “How beautiful I am!” It turns out very funny. A better sister than Katya can not even dream of. I like to look into her clean, blue eyes, to admire how she smiles. I always have a good mood. I can no longer imagine how I lived before, before her birth. I think it’s very sad when you grow up in a family alone. My friends agree with me, because they also have little sisters or brothers.

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Composition “Portrait of a Sister”