Comparative characteristics of classmates

Everyone knows the true truth – there are no two identical people, each of us is an individuality. This applies to the appearance of a person, and his character, characteristics, habits. However, many people have common, similar features, but there are people who differ dramatically.

The latter can be attributed to two of my classmates – Leroux and Andrew. All others recognize that these two adolescents are complete opposites.

Of course, there are a lot of obvious differences between them. So, Lera is a girl, and Andrei is a boy. In addition, Lera is tall, and Andrei is short. Lera – blonde, gray-eyed, round-faced. Andrew is fair-haired, he has greenish-brown eyes and a thin, elongated face, which is very mobile.

Lera is calm and measured. These features of her character are manifested in everything – in the way she walks, says how she answers in class, communicates with friends. In all critical situations, my classmate is always full of self-esteem

and self-confidence. Perhaps this is because Lera is a very good student. All the teachers say that she is very capable, she grasps everything on the fly.

In addition, Lera diligent, patient, diligent. She really wants to understand and understand the material of each lesson, she wants to know, not to cram. Unlike Andrei, who is completely indifferent to studying. For him, school is a hateful duty, which he avoids in every possible way.

Andrei, unlike Lera, is completely restless, he can not calmly listen or speak – he always turns something in his hands, is distracted by a thousand extraneous matters, mimics, grimaces. Teachers call him “zhivchik,” and yet – a hooligan and, unfortunately, ignoramus.

Andrew, really, badly learns – as they say, barely moves from class to class. And, what can I say, my classmate likes to “nashodit” – to break the lesson, fight, skip.

So, in my class there are two completely different people. They can be called cardinal opposites. But I can not say that one of them is better, but someone is worse. They are just different, like all the people on this planet.

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Comparative characteristics of classmates