How to treat the cultural and national characteristics of people living in Ukraine

Sometimes in conversations between children and adults, one can hear someone scornfully say: “What can we expect from this person?” He also… “. And further called the nationality of man.

It is often possible to hear even jokes and anecdotes in which certain features or features of the character of representatives of a particular people living in Ukraine are derided. This view of relations, when disrespect is shown to representatives of other peoples, disregard for them and recognition of their nationality is superior to the rest, is called Chauvinism. He has nothing to do with the love of a citizen to his homeland – Patriotism.

The most terrible form of chauvinism is Fascism, or Nazism, which has been memorable to mankind since the Second World War. On the eve of this war, Nazis came to power in Germany, who believed that all other nations were inferior, secondary and should serve the Germans as representatives of the “supreme race.”

The main plan of the Nazis and their leader, Hitler, was to establish dominance over the whole world, turning the population of other countries into slaves. For the world it became a terrible tragedy and turned into the death of tens of millions of people.

Each of us should realize that we should look for ways to mutual understanding with representatives of any peoples living in Ukraine, regardless of their cultural and national characteristics. Otherwise, conflict situations are possible. For example, for several years the bloodshed continued in one of the multinational countries of Europe – Yugoslavia. It broke up into several independent states, which resolved their differences on a national basis and territorial claims to each other through war.

Let’s remember: the coexistence of peoples and nations in one country is always a way to their mutual enrichment, the interaction and creation of a common culture of all mankind. For example, it is impossible to imagine that the musical works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Joseph Haydn belonged only to the Austrian people, Franz Liszt to the Hungarian,

and the spiritual legacy of Ukrainian thinkers Grigory Skovoroda, Taras Shevchenko, Mikhail Grushevsky, recognized throughout the world, would be given only to Ukrainians.

The cultural development of each people takes place in the process of constant interaction of different peoples among themselves, in the process of cultural influences of one people to another… Such cultural influences are a necessary prerequisite for cultural development and advancement of each people. And the more different cultural influences that the people perceive, absorb, transform and develop, so this people are more cultured.

Thus, the rules for the coexistence of different peoples in a multinational democratic state, necessary for our state to develop and flourish, are the following:

    Adhere to equal rights and recognize the value of the culture of all peoples living in Ukraine; Try to be interested in the culture of your neighbors; Cooperate, help each other for the development of the country; Share views, experiences, ideas; To reach agreements in making common decisions.

How to show respect for the national traditions, customs and rituals of other peoples? Probably, you had to travel around the country, get acquainted with people who are representatives of different peoples. Sometimes during such meetings you have to face absolutely new and even not very understandable traditions, ceremonies, rituals. In any case, we should treat all traditions and ceremonies with respect.

Fascism is a political trend, the representatives of which propagandized the national exclusiveness of their people, hatred of other nationalities, incited enmity between peoples.

Nazism – the course of fascism, which was implanted in Hitler’s Germany.

Patriotism is love for a particular country, loyalty to it.

Chauvinism – thoughts and ideas that preach disregard, the rule of one nation due to the oppression of others, fueling national enmity.

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How to treat the cultural and national characteristics of people living in Ukraine