Summary “The Wizard of the Emerald City” Volkova

In 1939, Alexander Volkov, one of the famous writers of the Land of Soviets, created a novel that became a favorite for many children. Why is it so interesting? Your attention – “The Wizard of the Emerald City” (summary).

It begins with the fact that this literary masterpiece is a kind of retelling of the creation of another writer, Frank Baum. The prototype of the “Wizard of the Emerald City” was a fairy tale called “The Wizard of Oz,” which was published in the United States (the first publication was in 1900). True, Volkov significantly changed the source material. Should I read this book to children? The answer to this question will give “The Wizard of the Emerald City” (a summary of the work). Of course, each book has an abstract, but it is usually rather brief and can not fully reveal the essence of the work. So study the useful information!

Where does the “Wizard of the Emerald City” begin,

a fairy tale that has been popular for over 70 years?

The story begins with a description of the life of a simple farming family Smith, who lives in the Kansas steppe. They are father John, mother Anna and their little daughter Ellie. They also have a pet – dog Totoshka. Instead of the usual house of wood or brick, the Smiths have only an old van removed from the wheels. One day a hurricane starts, which raises a light van and carries it (along with Elli and Totojka in it) to unknown expanses.

“The Wizard of the Emerald City”: a summary of the adventures of Ellie and her comrades

The hurricane, as it turned out, brought Ellie and her faithful doggie to an unknown Magic Land, in which all living creatures talked and reigned eternal summer. It turned out that the hurricane was caused by the mad magician Gingema, who had decided to destroy all people in this way. But a good fairy named Willina learned about her plans and decided to change the course of events. She made sure that Ellie’s house landed directly on the head of the evil Gingema. True, the fairy

believed that the house would be empty. Gingema was defeated, but Ellie entered the Enchanted Country, which she very much wanted to go home! It turned out that it is almost impossible, because this mysterious country was separated from the “big world” by a huge desert and high mountains. Looking in the magic book, Willina read there that the girl can return home,

Ellie sets out on her way, wearing the charming silver shoes that Totoshka finds for her in return for her collapsed shoes. Its landmark is a road paved with yellow brick.

At the very beginning of the wanderings Ellie meets a scarecrow made of straw, which most of all wants to get brains. His name is Scarecrow. Then the Iron Lumberjack joins them, whose heart is the heart. Later, friends meet the Cowardly Lion, who wants to get a little bold.

Little Ellie and her friends have to endure many trials: a battle with the Ogre, a river crossing, a battle with saber-toothed tigers, a dream on a poppy field, which has almost become eternal. Of all the adventures, they come out with honor, thanks to the strengths of each member of this “detachment”

After reaching the Emerald City, Ellie and her friends are disappointed – Goodwin (by the way, the answer to the question of how the wizard of the Emerald City was called) refuses to fulfill the desires of his comrades until either of them defeats Bastind, the evil sorceress of the Violet country. It was incredibly difficult, but the company of friends coped with the task!

When Ellie, Totoshka, Scarecrow, Woodcutter and Lion returned to the Emerald City, it turned out that Goodwin was not a magician at all, but a common artist who had been hurricaneed in a Magic World many years ago. He decided to fix his ball and so go home with Ellie. Note that the imaginary wizard gave all friends of Ellie what they asked for: brains of bran, pins and needles, a rag heart and a portion of “courage”.

Unfortunately, a gust of wind blew the ball into which Elli and Totoshka did not have time to sit down. And again the friends go on the road. This time – to Stella, the wizard of the Pink Country, who owns the secret of eternal beauty and youth. Again, dangers and adventures: martial marran, flood. Stella reveals to the girl that she could return home the same day she got to the Magic country – it was only to hit each other’s shoes that Toto brought to her. The girl does it. And for three steps is at home! True, losing wonderful shoes!

Well, now you know what is going on in the story “The Wizard of the Emerald City” – a brief summary allows you to understand the general meaning of the work, but does not give you the opportunity to plunge into the fairy-tale world of true friendship and amazing charms. This book is exactly worth reading! She will teach the child a lot!

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Summary “The Wizard of the Emerald City” Volkova