Composition on the theme “Speech”

The way our vocabulary is formed in the process of learning, explains clearly the work on “The Speech of Man”, from which we learn about the benefits of reading different literature for the development of our own coherent speech. Tangling, inherent in modern adolescents (and not only), is a consequence of their lack of imagination, developed by our favorite books.

The kid speaks the first word and every day he develops his speech. Only yesterday, “Agukal”, and today has already said “Mom”. Short words, consisting of one syllable, gradually acquire prefixes and suffixes.

Adults do not always understand what the child is talking about, because his voice apparatus is not perfect yet. But, strangely enough, the little ones themselves communicate perfectly with each other. Perhaps this is one of the mysteries of the universe.

In their seemingly primitive speech, children easily convey the meaning of words to those around them. It’s

like in my favorite book “Twelve Chairs” by Ilf and Petrov. The vocabulary of Ellochka Schukina, consisting, literally from a dozen words, allowed her to live very comfortably. Simply she was able to communicate intelligently, by force of a word to bring the idea. Many, unfortunately, now speak a lot and, basically, with words-parasites, but it is not always clear.

The book is the source of knowledge. Reading perfectly develops speech. It is more correct to say – a coherent speech. Vocabulary is constantly replenished and the horizon expands. The intelligence of the reading child grows with him. If parents from childhood instilled love for the book. then, growing up, a son or daughter will be immensely grateful for their patience, persuasion and proper upbringing.

When they say that the interlocutor is tongue-tied, it means that he did not feel the role of the book in the life of a person. In his head a lot of thoughts, perhaps even valuable, but he can not formulate his idea. The lack of imagination arising in the process of reading does not allow him to build a coherent proposal and give the necessary meaning.

Guys! Develop your speech! In a modern, highly organized society, in order to be in demand, knowledge is needed, and, of course, the ability to present itself favorably to the employer. Without, correctly put, speech it will not be possible.

Remember, the book is the best friend. It will nurture your intellect and help shape your personality.

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Composition on the theme “Speech”