Biography of Brigitte Bardot

Thanks to her roles in the films “And God created a woman”, “Contempt”, the French dancer, model and actress Brigitte Bardot became an icon of international cinema.

Early years and movies

Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot was born on September 28, 1934 in Paris, France.

As a teenager, Bridget learns the art of ballet at the Parisian Higher National Conservatory in the Faculty of Music and Dance, and at the age of 15 is removed for the cover of the French magazine Elle. Opens its talent screenwriter and future film director Roger Vadim, with whom in 1952 they play a wedding. In the same year, Bardot makes his debut on the big screen in the movie “The Normandy Hole”. This is followed by new roles, including a romantic heroine in “Street Light” and a servant from “Helen of Troy”.

The world symbol of attractiveness

Bardo’s talent is fully revealed in Vadim’s directorial debut, “And

God created a woman,” where she plays an emancipated heroine from the southern French town of Saint-Tropez. The film stands out sharply against the backdrop of bold naked scenes and sensual dynamics, which attracts a multitude of people to the cinemas and elevates the Bardo star to world heights. As frank films from the films, as well as by random pictures of paparazzi from life outside the screens, Bridget wins fame by exhibiting a natural, free sensuality that proclaims her principle of “live and rejoice” and makes Bardot the leading actress in Europe.

In 1957, Bardo and Roger divorce, but professional relations are not destroyed, and in 1958 the director shoots the film “The Night When the Sky Collapsed” with Brigitte in the title role. Appears Bardo and in other paintings: “Parisian”, “Woman and Clown” and “Let’s Dance?” . In 1960, while working on the film “The Truth”, Bridget commits suicide. Many years later, the actress will tell you what nightmare turned into her world of fame, and how, under the pressure of the environment,

to wear someone’s mask entered into her habit.

In the late 1950s, Mr.. Bardo is married to Jacques Charrier, from whom she has a son, her only child. In 1962, the couple divorced. In 1966 Bridget marries a German millionaire, playboy Gunther Sax, but three years later they officially break off the relationship. And only in 1992 she will marry again, this time for the political adviser of the radical right wing of Bernard d’Ormal.

Musical career

In the 1960s, Mr.. Bardot also tries herself in the role of a singer, recording albums “Brigitte Bardot sings” and “Special Bardot”. She also records the songs that have become a hit with a duet with singer, songwriter and secular lion Serzh Ginsborom.

Her work on the big screen continues with such films as the multi-faceted cult drama of Jean-Luc Godard’s “Contempt”; humorous, enchanting picture of Louis Mal “Viva, Maria!”, in which her countryman, the French handsome Jean Moreau, becomes a partner of Bardo; and a romantic comedy about the history of seduction “Women.” She also plays herself in the comedy “Dear Brigitte”, where the young son of the professor, performed by Jimmy Stewart, seeks the star of the screen, in which he is in love. The beauty of the Bardo was also immortalized in the famous French sculpture Marianne, created in the image of an actress and shown to the world in 1970.

Playing dozens of roles in the cinema, in 1973, Bardot leaves the film and settles in Saint-Tropez.

Animal activism and litigation

In the mid-1970s, Mr. Bardot departs from the cinema and turns to his love for animals, having founded the “Endangered Species Protection Foundation.” In the mid-1980s, she also became the founder of the “Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Protection and Care of Animal Welfare.” Thanks to its activities, the Council of Europe introduces a ban on the importation of fur seals, and the French government prohibits the import of ivory. More than once Bardot appeared before the court, paying fines for anti-Muslim discriminatory statements.

The Bardo status as a world icon of beauty is supported by a number of works of art and fashion world.


“My parents raised me in austerity, once it was a burden to me, but now I’m only grateful to them.”

“Vadim became a world-famous director, I’m a famous actress, but the reverse side of this medal was simply terrible.” My life turned upside down. “They ran after me and spied, they adored and insulted me.” My personal life became public. “

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Biography of Brigitte Bardot