Composition on the theme of the soul

Every person has a soul. which can be compared with a flickering twinkle that burns inside a street lamp.

The human body can be compared to a vessel that is filled with the soul. A person must constantly grow spiritually, then he will be in harmony with himself. When his thoughts are pure, and in his deeds there is nothing wrong, then his soul is calm and easy.

Many forget that it is necessary to develop not only your body and mind, but you should not forget about the soul that needs to be nourished and strengthened as often as possible. How can I do that? The easiest way is to read the prayer, it strengthens our soul, and protects us from all bad.

Admiring the beautiful, we also develop spiritually. Around us there is a lot of beauty: nature. art, music, people. You have to admire it, filling your inner world and making it rich and interesting.

Do not forget about your soul, if we pay more attention to it, our life will become more harmonious and interesting. Live in harmony with yourself, this is happiness. You can live in harmony with yourself only then, the code does not forget about your soul, and you know what it needs.

And what does the soul mean and what is it for? Everyone should find their answer to this question.

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Composition on the theme of the soul