Than modern music differs from the classical

Have you ever thought about the multitude of talents and abilities that mankind has, what treasures and masterpieces it is given to us to see, hear!

Paintings of outstanding artists, brilliant works of prose writers and poets, amazing creations of sculptors, architects. But, in my opinion, the most beautiful creation of the human mind is music. With all its diversity, with the huge number of forms and trends that exists in art, music never ceases to amaze and fascinate people all over the world.

Real musical works are really immortal. How many hearts make their magic sounds tremble! Music – a unique source of joy, excitement, it is able to lift the mood, relieve the feelings, anxieties, or, conversely, makes you think about serious life issues, plunge into the depths of your own soul.

Modern music in many respects differs from classical music, which has survived the change of several generations and traditions.

In today’s world music is most often

perceived as entertainment. Under her sounds, dancing in discos, she is listened to spend time in transport, turn on to create a background while doing some household chores. It goes away when you do not want to think about anything, when you try to forget about some troubles and problems.

Of course, works are being created that make listeners cry and experience together with the author, fascinate with the beauty of the melody or amaze how exactly our mood, feelings, dreams, resentments and joys are accurately conveyed. But more often all these feelings and experiences are still transmitted through words, amplified by the emotional state of the performer, highlighted by clips.

Classical works are perceived in a completely different way. There’s no need for words, you can not shoot clips to this music. In them every sound touches some deep strings of the soul, awakens what we long and stubbornly hide from a foreign eye. We can entrust our thoughts, sorrow, joy to classical music. It was not by chance that O. Balzac said: “Beethoven and Mozart were often the agents of my heart secrets.” The works of these great composers live their own lives, with them, as with a living being, one can talk, argue or agree. And many writers and poets, artists and sculptors, it was classical music that inspired the creation of outstanding works.

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Than modern music differs from the classical